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  1. Oiii lamanyer tak rant. Today spam-spam-spam bid pon melepas..pthuiii
  2. Happy Birthday Zakuan..future Hotwheels M'sia Big Bang!
  3. ..and i give it all for final maharaja lawak whoa........
  4. Orang Kelawar memang lawa...uweekkkk muntah
  5. Remove my comment on " Keaslian Terbaek " haha LoL " Keaslian " aka " Originality " WAS NOT MEANT FOR THE CAR LOL! Yeah Its the BJ and the Bear tempo WAS " THAT " and not Santonie own pride AND READ THAT CAREFULLY..... country road. BJ & THE BEAR. But the way he mad on dramatic seasoning effect with his own creation dioramaS made its own Santonie " Keaslian " NOT BY ANYONE ELSE. Did anyone else in this world done that Santonie? Not izit? I know from your feedback i dedicated that " Keaslian " to your overall dramatic effect not to originality BJ & THE BEAR and you accept that. Santonie was not a customizer who taking someone else work and say his and we know that.
  6. Mcm gambar kat rumah je bang. From Jusco pegs to house pegs. Nice. Better off with Chevy Panel i think as he remaining his original base not DB that 100% retools.
  7. More bigger means more economic not otherwise and that all make one collector simply smartly genius.
  8. Hiway Hauler 2 undoubtedly most hideous casting 2012. Congrats to designer. Razzie award top notch.
  9. We already passing Merdeka month and so far this year for me is so fabulous..Nostalgia, RLC cars, HW Racing and all those convention is so so poisonous not mention mainline and hidden treasure hunts. Realizing this i couldt help but to name casting most significant 2012. So what you favourite pick. This on my list 1. Backwoods Bomb - Hot Ones 2. Mr. Bean Mini Cooper - 3rd HWCM Dinner 2. Long Gone - Hot Ones 3. Ecto 1 - Helloween 4. Mystery Machine - Mainline 5. ACDC cars - Nostalgia Live Nation Rock band / Ford Focus and '57 Chevy - Superized 6. Honda CRX - Hot Ones 7. Haulin Gas - Nostalgia 8. Custom Convoy - Dearborn Convention 9. Penguin Boat - 1/50 Batmobile 10. Chevy Panel - Light Speeders Never thought my top 3 picks also Mr. RLC HWGary top pick and making his headlines...huhu
  10. not just that ..this come from codramamedy that was so popular long time ago. Very nice works sifu san.
  11. Bro my fellow roger me say getting the said evo's during gathering and mine shud little less than his
  12. New Evo jumpin in.... for sale..new Evo X Matchbox Police Black.
  13. Muscle madness there..congrats!
  14. Put that gold lambo with iron man red stripe
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