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Everything posted by wagner188

  1. hi bro, i have extra scion fr-s and FnF6 Daytona for sell.
  2. mean any 2 of evo x and civic si trade for 3 cars is it?
  3. wah, u r so rich.. one each only as reward for myself study hard mar.. Wahahaha! just kidding lah, i knew u study so hard~~
  4. lol, i just pass by and come in kacau only..haha.
  5. I have 2 purple evo x and 1 sliver aventador wanna trade, who want pls pm me.. i wanna trade wf ferrari FXX basic car (3 color) year 2008~~, ferrari scuderia or ferrari F430 challenge yellow
  6. above are some of my Lamborghini collection, thanks for reviewing
  7. rx7 blue? hi, have you seen the description that i highlighted under my picture?
  8. wagner188

    HL's haul

    congrats, still can find red skyline and nissan
  9. i have listed out. under the picture. Anyway, thanks
  10. Who have it, kindly PM me. Thanks
  11. Mad manga casting is really MAD!! Siao!! but it is so so special, haha
  12. some i also have already, i like the mad manga~~
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