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  1. Thanks! hahaha! you actually got me there! I just went back to my post and wonder why can't u see.. *self-facepalm* tq btw hehehe..cuaca x menentu agaknye.. thanks bro. Sudah kembali berkerja
  2. mortfish

    Suka suka Haul

    This is 1 crazy haul... gratz!
  3. Haha.. Bnyk free time. Tp arini terbaring kat rumah. Running down with fever..
  4. Monday Haul, 1st Oct 2012 Spoiler: Finally, manage to get the black RX7 to pair with blue Wednesday Haul, 3rd Oct 2012 Spoiler: Batman stuff at 50% discount Manage to get the last glow in the dark sorry Huileng. Bad Bagger with Cyan color. Never seen this before. Color a bit messed up coz of tinted glass on car. Non HW haul: Can't resist a 70% discount Spoiler: Thursday Haul, 4th Oct 2012 Spoiler: That is all for this week
  5. yeap, we never met before. Yesterday was the 1st time. Too bad, there's only 1 glow in the dark left there with super discount. If there's more, I can share.. hehe.
  6. hehe..nice to meet u huileng! Somehow I manage to guessed correctly who you are
  7. WHAT??!? Brilliantly I bought the 3 hw to get the free 1, somehow i totally forgot to redeem the free 1.. lol.. wth.. how can I be like this?? The 50% still going on yesterday.. go go go! hehe.
  8. Adui... Awesome $upercatch!
  9. Haul for today, 30/09/2012 Spoiler:
  10. which giant did u found it? I'll go and buy.. uhuhu..
  11. Wow! I like this! Good catch! Hehe.
  12. Yeah, I notice this too. How can people browse through it..
  13. Ya! Yesterday haul, i think was still 6.90. Today i went again, its 4.90! And they put they put another set of hw peg at the kithen stuff rack. Luckily i notice it. U mean the Heat fleet vw? I only have 1 of that. Its different from yours??
  14. hehe..xpe, sket hari lagi masuk bulan depan.. 1 case aje restock. Tu pun banyak da xde. Meaning xlame lagi ade chance bukak case baru.
  15. kat tesco..kelmarin time jumpe tu x restock lagi kan? Semalam singgah lagi baru ade.
  16. List of old Haul: Spoiler: New box Get the thunt and some other cool HW. Spoiler: Spoiler:
  17. Ok I've just change my image upload to the servimg Tell me if still cannot see the pic.
  18. Thank you all.. hehe.. :O I uploaded the picture using photobucket. I think the picture loaded very slow.. Will try to resize the picture or using imageshack for change. Some batmobile Haul last week in Terengganu: Spoiler:
  19. 1st post reset for new Haul. Recent Haul.. Spoiler:
  20. mortfish

    the megene

    fulamak..this is nice 1..
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