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  1. wawawa...awesome case! gotta hunt for this 1..
  2. wow..atom, your avatar keep me away from reading ur post for like 1 mins and wondering where the bicycle gonna end up be... lol. it's endless! nice. Back to topic, yeap, 7E no longer have them. sadly..
  3. saw this 1 just now, then thinking back u have the red 1..
  4. uhm...i can't see anything...is it just me?
  5. hoho..nice catch batmobile..
  6. hehe.. Atom, I think I just went to the palce where you haul this. somehow it's identical. Manage to get few great stuff u left behind perhaps. hehe. Before leaving the peg, i walk few steps behind and saw mysterious out of place hidden hw on the most top shelf. I grab it and It's a white '67 Shelby GT-500. I check out the rest, it's Ferrari California, Asphalt Assault. If it's insider's work for scalpers, Too bad, it's mine now. If not, then too bad, it is still mine now.. hehe.
  7. huhuhu....this haul give me the chill...bbbbrrrrr....Can I haul from you?
  8. lol... *gonna buy all the green cards...so happy*
  9. eh la...kapas ke? Tot it's a real smoke coming out from somewhere beneath.. xD awesome work!
  10. wah..this is awesome..I want to try this seems have few spare bttf can be test..hehe. Thanks for making this tips :-)
  11. Cuti2 @ southern region.. little haul to bring back. Spoiler: Some old stuff found on peg: Spoiler:
  12. [Up to 53% Off] Use Hot Wheels Toy Car to play on iPad: Apptivity Hot Wheels from RM15. Delivery to Peninsular Malaysia Available. Limited Groupons Check it out on groupon..hehe. http://www.groupon.my/deals/national-deal/Mattel-Southeast-Asia/716428610
  13. Thank you bro for the awesome trade yesterday..ehehe. senang2 kita lepak minum lagi
  14. mortfish

    Joshua 2013 Haul

    I don't have any of the busssss
  15. Thank you kind sir haul kecik2 aje..menantikan yang hebat2 malam ni..hehe. Malam ni kol 9 bole bang? kite pekene teh tarik segelas. Xleh nak lepak lame sgt, ade anak kecil di rumah..hehe.
  16. New Haul: MOnday, 15 Oct 2012 Spoiler: Trade with Vin^ thanks a lot Spoiler: Trade with colleagues [Don't know his forum nick, lol] Spoiler:
  17. mortfish

    Joshua 2013 Haul

    wawawawa..... I want that bus....trying to complete my HW city work collection.. couldn't find this bus.. awesome mars rover.. hehe..awesome haul u got here!
  18. Not suprised at all!! Where do you find it?? lol. I think this is the 1 that he mention. I've post the pic of the stolen Fiesta in this thread.. *cry* http://www.hwcmalaysia.net/t7566-a-little-hot-ones-haul
  19. lol..this actually make sense somehow.. Haven't seen it anywhere so far..
  20. we love jalan-jalan only.. ;-)
  21. Hehe.. thank you bro zedd! New Haul: Monday, 8th Oct 2012. Spoiler: Somehow I was given free a cartoon racing vcd from hot wheels. "Highway 35" Seems like 2 Episode
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