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  1. Thank you. :-) Yeap.. Still prying for the H case..
  2. I'm back~ hehe. Haven't been hunting for quite sometime! Few grabs from yesterday.. Sadly don't have much time to go through the peg thoroughly. Some wierd tape inside attach to the car inside.. hemm.. I wonder what's the use of this tapes in production line. Spoiler:
  3. Too many Red Angry Bird @ TRU Empire. Grab it while it's still there.. How do they have it this many at peg display I wonder?
  4. mortfish

    BMW 2002 ?

    Hi & Welcome! :-) Your question, you're referring to this specific BMW 2002 car is it? It can be found in all the usual store supposedly, just that it may or may not be there.. :-) On the other hand, you can try the flea market @ amcorp mall, or anyone here who may have extras to sell/trade. cheers~
  5. Yeap, they're now in TRU..gogogo out of topic, samace get his 666 post on the post above.. hehe.
  6. Just saw few RoadRCR on peg @ tru. Plenty of it..huhu..but out of money.. >.
  7. mortfish

    BMW 2002 ?

    No problem..i have the dark blue, still looking for this green bmw.. Huhu.
  8. mortfish

    BMW 2002 ?

    hehehe.. I'm not sure the number what does 2002 actually means. Definitely not years since 2002 series were made from early 60's & discontinued at late 70's, replaced by 3 Series if not mistaken. There are other model like BMW 1500, 1600, 1800. 2002 is 1 of the famous series.
  9. uuu..nice green bmw. I haven't found it anywhere.. Q.Q
  10. wawawawawa......i can see some snow falling..huhu.. nice score atom!
  11. wah...lucky for me to get a set...whew~
  12. Yeap, D case is overflowing. My last sight-seeing, the peg is full with D case on peg, 2 open boxes of D case (all the nice stuff gone) on top shelves waiting to refill peg, and 1 E case O.o. Not sure if my eyes are correct, I forgot to snap pictures. The point is, I have to wait now for all the hw to be bought by........some happy kids with their parents perhaps before new wave.
  13. hehe..thank you ;-) Thanks :-) Orite, thank you bro. Will get in touch with you soon.. No la..this was bought before midvalley. The only hw i bought in midvalley is hummer & hw racing.. offer 50% hehe. Thank you kind sir! :-) tu la..tapi melepas batman..
  14. U got that right bro. I think it's overflowing already.
  15. 30/11/2012 Haulz A little close up: Red Birds, Angry Birds Minion, Rennen Rig, 5 Alarm & Ford F-150. Spoiler: '08 Ford Focus, '12 Camaro ZL1, Volkswagen Golf GTi Spoiler: Shelby Supersnake, Olds 442 W-30 Spoiler: BMW M3 (I forgot to grab the 2002 BMW!!), Porsche Carrera GT, '72 Torino Spoiler: Ferrari 458 Spyder, Ferrari F12berlinetta Spoiler: Aventador & Gallardo Spoiler:
  16. hehe..yop, it does look like the Iron Man actually.. xD Thanks Samace22 ;-)
  17. If it's on sale like 50%, would u buy it? But this 1 not on sale sadly..
  18. Haven't update here for a while. Enjoy, nothing much. Spoiler: Some close up: 70 Pontiac GTO Judge Spoiler: Porsche 918 Spyder Spoiler: 69 Chevelle SS 396 Spoiler: Chevrolet SS Spoiler: 65 Pontiac Bonneville Spoiler: Rockster Spoiler: Jeep Scrambler Spoiler: Back Slider (This 1 seems cool, can put my HW on top of it, snap2 pictures) Spoiler: P/S: Special Thanks to Vandenan for the deal last time. Bro Zedd, sorry busy, x sempat nak pi collect item lagi!
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