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  1. ah....want to grab em all..
  2. nice catch So for this lunch time, I'll pay a visit to nearest Popular Book Store..
  3. OOOOOOO why the hell i dont know this..hahaha O.o? All this while I've been too Popular/MPH, why I didn't bother to search for HW there?
  4. Yup I guess you went to the right place..If u want a piece of item that I got ther I can sell it to you..speed machine scirocco green hehe...yeah, that's the right place. you got PM! xD
  5. I went to Selayang Mall for the baby stuff discount, somehow to my suprise, there's HW and MBX stuff sold there too.. too bad I went there for the last 2 days sales, so few left..
  6. wow...awesome find! those bmw is driving me nuts.
  7. wawawa....i want this to pair with the BTF 1..
  8. Username : Mortfish Real Name (*optional) : - Favorite HW designer :none Age (*optional) :28 Collecting since :2009 Favorite castings : - Range of collection : HW Original, toon char hw. Other Collections : Hasbro, Mattel, Bandai..etc2..
  9. uhm....somehow the last post is 2009. Am I supposed to register as well?
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