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  1. It will not be a multilingual site. It will only be available in English. If other languages are offered, it will be on other domain names. Regards
  2. This option is part of an ongoing development allowing admins to create their shop in addition to classifieds if they want. This option has no impact at the moment and should be hidden.
  3. until
    New: Forumotion's Collaboration Groups Discover ForumsClub.com, the new collaborative community site... Convert your forum into a Collaborative Group Your forum doesn't get many visits? Exchanges between its members are rare? Boost your forum audience or simply introduce his community to a more advanced way of interacting by transforming it into a collaboration group from the "General > Convert Forum to Club > My Club" section of your admin panel and enjoy a new community experience. Discover ForumsClub Collabs » Discover ForumsClub Groups Collaboration Collaborative groups are the new way to build advanced online communities. Ergonomic, responsive and efficient, they include advanced social group features that encourage user engagement. With a high-performance publishing environment, the group collaboration can integrate powerful tools: Forums, Blogs, gallery, file sharing, social groups,... Don't wait any longer, transform your forum into a collaboration group now ! See you soon on ForumsClub! You receive this message as an administrator or moderator of a Forumotion forum
  4. You can do this in our support section where you can open a help request topic via the "Start new topic" button Do not hesitate to click also on the button "Join Website" in order to join the support collab and stay informed.
  5. @TheCrow You currently have the opportunity to do so. But please avoid the creation of test collabs in order not to pollute the site. Thank you for your suggestion
  6. Hello @TheCrow For the project start, only the Forumotion forums transfer is active. The direct collabs creation will be available soon for ForumsClub users. so be there ✌️ Regards
  7. Thank you @SLGray . Your forum has been converted. You will find it in our collabs list : https://forumsclub.com/gc/ You can start configuring and enhancing it now
  8. Yes it's the same thing. In addition you can have more specific permissions. Regards
  9. You can easily create your collaboration group on ForumsClub without importing your Forumotion forum. To do this, simply access the section "Websites" dedicated to collaborative groups and click on the button "Add new website". Then fill in the form, specifying the title, description and logo of the collaboration group you wish to create. Upload an image to customize your collaboration group header and give it a unique styling. Then start managing your collab and its permissions by clicking on the "Website Management" link. You can also enrich it with what you want
  10. help and support to Forumotion users. discover guides, tutorials, tips on how to create and administrate a free forum. Forumotion offers free fully customizable and unlimited forums. explore the features and options available of our hosted discussion forums : 5 forum versions Free themes Very active support Role-playing (rpg) Secure https forum User's and keywords tags Automatic data backups Discover how to import your forumotion forum and its community on ForumsClub.
  11. The conversion of a Forumotion forum into a ForumsClub Collab is a totally free service offered by Forumotion to all administrators wishing to participate in the ForumsClub adventure. You have 2 ways to transfer your Forumotion forum to ForumClub : 1. You can make a request directly from the administration panel of your Forumotion forum : In this case, the transfer is direct. Your forum and all its content and members will be transferred from the forum to its new ForumsClub collab. To make the request, go to your admin panel > General > Forum > Convert forum to Club : then click on the button "Convert the forum" 2. By accepting the invitation: : Forumotion sends invitations to some of its forums of particular interest to this project to invite them to migrate to ForumsClub. In this case, the board administrator has the choice of accepting or refusing this invitation.
  12. Clubber


    From the album: Support Album

  13. Hello and welcome, This site is currently in the creation phase. We therefore still regularly adapt it according to the needs of members and collabs. Don't hesitate to ask your questions or requests about your collabs management. There are many tasks we can do, for example : The gathering of identical member accounts (if you have imported several forums with the same members, for example) The promotion of quality content Moving orphaned photos from a collab to a specific album Etc,... Thank you
  14. until
    Launch of ForumsClub.com the site dedicated to collaborative communities created by its users
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