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  1. It could be one of many ...hallway ...vestibule ...entrance ... not really sure what it is you want x
  2. not too sure ..but I've given up and blocked it again. Will stick to frontierville and cityville for now
  3. I've just unblocked this after a long time ...and WHAT IS GOING ON ??? Where is my original farm? The task tells me to plant carrots but I don't seem to have any in the market ...I am soooo confused. Please help ...
  4. Can I please request some cloth ...I'll share it with Lisa as she is always short of it !!
  5. Luka I'm not sure if I have them all ...send me a message with what you want and if I have it i will send it to you x
  6. Happy Birthday ....hope Yvette spoils you rotten
  7. Just got back from taking Ieuan home ...so am all alone again ..Only till tomorrow though ..going to my sons in Wales for a long weekend
  8. I had it earlier ...but it has gone back to the old one now ...maybe they were having problems with it ..just for a change
  9. sent a few items Tromo dwarf 2 tiddly vintage pet lamp magelvl8 bouncy star will look through other acc later for some more items x
  10. hope you have a great time. I am taking grandson home tomorrow ..coming back Thursday and then on Friday going to visit son and his family for a long weekend ...lots of travelling for me
  11. Good news ...I was just going to start a thread asking if anyone was as fed up with the butterfly's and 500 coins as me ...no incentive to log on at all
  12. Happy 4th of July to all in USA
  13. Ah thank you. I know of Super Mario Bros on Nintendo/Wii but not this one
  14. I just copied and pasted it ...but thought it a very interesting fact (if it is indeed a fact)
  15. This year July has 5 Fridays 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years!
  16. kasijab

    Hi guys! :)

    Of course! I am going to Rome in august! I'll sure post up some pictures for all of you to see No sweetie ..still waiting. Nothing is selling too fast in this Country All we can do is bide our time ...and if not this year then next !!
  17. Please forgive me for being so ignorant, but I do not have the foggiest idea what you are talking about
  18. kasijab

    Hi guys! :)

    Hey Laz ....lovely to see you back again. Hope all goes well for you next week ...please let us know you are ok xx
  19. thought we were already friends anyway ..sent fr .. i have a spare cute witch bundle you can have xx
  20. I've been up for ages Hubby cutting the grass and grandson still snoring in his pit ...but not for too long as we are going out for lunch. Its a lovely sunny summers day here in UK. Hope it is good where you all are xx
  21. I was there just a couple of weeks ago and it really is the most beautiful Country I have been to. Happy Canada Day xxxx
  22. Morning all ...just done my normal morning chores ...opened up my games and got my bonus's !! thats it nowadays ... Got my grandson here so not sure what I am doing later ...going to do grocery shopping this morning while he is still in his bed
  23. You know Yvette I really should be watching ...I love football, but can't get up any enthusiasm for the womens game. Bad of me I know, I have tried to watch it in the past and just ...nothing. Obviously if England are there then I would be supporting them !!
  24. Mine was somewhere around Halloween 2008 ..but can't remember exactly when or what was in the shops ..apart from the original black cat and mummy doll which at the time I didn't have enough coins to buy
  25. nice audrey have fun with ur grandchildren Thanks Evi ..hope you are keeping safe and well in Athens ...the news here is full of riots, protests, etc.
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