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  1. Congratulations Jennifer! I'm sure your doing the most wonderful job as a new Mommy! Wishing you the most happiest of moments with your baby girl! Cherish every moment because they grow up sooo fast! xx
  2. Thank you soooo very much Stasia!! I appreciate this soo very much! Congratulations Hannah and everyone else who entered this wonderful comp! I hope you all enjoy your prizes! This was so much fun!
  3. Beautiful rooms everyone!! Hannah what a great idea!! Bonnie, so happy I was able to fix it for you! I had hoped it was the right one! Kokonee Thank you soo much for this comp again, it's so nice to see those ducky rooms!
  4. Bonnie, I found your picture in your pets album.. I saw you post in yesterday and it dawned on me that I could fix it for you. If it's not the one you intended to post please let me know! xx
  5. Nancy such an adorable room!! I just love the nursery theme soo precious! Those balloons definitely make you smile! Bonnie, I'm really sorry hun but your picture isn't working.
  6. Great room Yvette!! I suddenly have a huge craving for those yummy cookies from the chocolate river! I believe you finally have your dream room!!
  7. Looking for the Political Witch Bundle I can only offer 20x5999 but I also have the dog wizard outfit (opened) to swap.
  8. Thank you sooo much Stephanie and Chay! I had a lot of fun designing this one! I can't wait to see the rooms from this week!
  9. Hi Welcome to PSFC!! I'm sure once you find your way around you'll really enjoy yourself! So much to do and awesome people to get to know! Like Gaiamadien said If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask!
  10. Hi Jenny! I hope you love it here as much as we all do! Look forward to getting to know you! If you need anything feel free to let us know!
  11. Hi Nikki! Welcome to PSFC hun, I hope you find lots to do here! Like the others have said if you need anything feel free to ask! Look forward to seeing you around!
  12. Stasia, Thank you so much for this comp!! I was so excited to decorate my room, and had more fun doing it then I had in ages! I really hope you all like it! All your rooms are amazing! I really love seeing all these ducky designs! So here's my ducky bathroom! Hidenni looks like he's ready to go swimming in the toilet! Silly guy!
  13. That's actually really sweet of you to ask everyone Luka! I prefer upgraded building help, but I do tend to let my boat shipments to expire so help with those too would be great! What type of help do you prefer hun?
  14. Thank you so much hun! Come on guys lets see more dark arts rooms!!
  15. Hi Katrina! Welcome to PSFC! Like Yvette said above, if you need anything please feel free to let us know or ask anything! I really love your siggy and avatar by the way! Too cute!
  16. I love love love Coffee and Ice Tea! Always drinking either/ or lol
  17. Welcome to PSFC Anaida! I hope you feel right at home here! Just like others above me have said, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to let us know! looking forward to getting to know you
  18. Could I ask for some of the lunches and sardines Luka?? It's very sweet of you to offer!
  19. I really like your room Lucky! Definitely a lot of dark magic in it Here's my entry for room of the week. I really love the dark furniture and bed! The windows are wonderful too!
  20. I really had to giggle Tiddly Winks and Xavier! I really love coke too, and I know it's not that similar but I really don't know how to explain the taste.. Maybe more like if you've ever mixed rootbeer, coke and pepsi together.. hmm I wonder if it tastes different depending on the country it's made in... That's very nice of you Kokonee and Sasha to offer help! I really wish it was available here in Canada!
  21. Welcome back hun! If you are having troubles with re-activating your facebook, have you tried contacting them? I hope you can get it sorted! xx
  22. There are a few furniture items in here that I love, but I too am getting tired and uninspired by the theme. I wonder what they will do next?
  23. Lazar! That cake looks sooo delicious and well done!! I bet your nephew just loved it sooo much!
  24. The Hotel wouldn't be the scenes where they were eating at the dinner would it? Although I'm a fan, I feel more awful about the fact it was a beautiful historical building! How sad!
  25. Dr. Pepper is one of my favourites! I really wish they had this promotion in Canada as I would be buying a lot! It's kind of hard to explain the taste, but It's very similar to Coke or Pepsi but with a bit more flavour to it.
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