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  1. condolences to you and your family. rip
  2. that's the only thing. not got many lanes my way. got to travel 40-50 mmiles before reaching em which is a shame. still my mate's got loads of land including some woods we can ride and then there's the track locally too
  3. I'd use it. but then again I'm tight. if it's gonna play on your mind then replace it
  4. thanks. I like it. lots of fun riding locally. not so much fun if you've got to go any distance on it though.
  5. Be worth that money when you come to sell. Make it much more saleable
  6. Nice one lee. Always nice to get one up on the robbing bastards. I managed to get my zx6r to £212 this year with all my convictions and a couple of the more obvious mods. And I'm even younger lol.
  7. 2wheels


    Haha I feel his pain
  8. I agree. If they've still got a bit of life left in them il keep hold of them for a mate or keep as a spare for pillions. My main helper I use now was donated to me by a mate. One thing I can't start to see though is helmets at the local car boot. All beaten up and scratched. Who in the right mind entrusts their brain in them?
  9. Your a better man than me. I'm truly under the but when it comes to my bikes the mrs knows il be a miserable t**t without one so doesn't even consider the idea. Good luck with the sale though pal.
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