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Everything posted by suzukijax

  1. Hello and welcome from sunny Cheshire
  2. I have joined and i will send out invites for my other biker mates asap
  3. Great looking bike not sure about the Spurs thing (hubby a spurs fan) im Leeds so add a little yellow and your there
  4. Love leeds i only get there to watch the Mighty Whites, glad you had a good blast im taking my bike to work tonight beat the rush hour traffic in the morning
  5. sorry had to look at link to see who you meant have fun and enjoy
  6. Hello from another new girl but im CW not SW
  7. Ouch but glad to hear your on the mend
  8. Told hubby the battery was dead after trying it over and over, first question was "Is the kill switch on " You guessed the answer
  9. Get stuff done through Vista print its all free and if / when you want to go up market you can start paying for better quality stickers cards calendars posters etc
  10. Hello from just down the road from you
  11. Oh right few peeps do know him through that site. I think your friend Baby B has just befriended him on fbook through suzukisam and her hubby sam. I recognise her pic on here
  12. The good old days The streetfighter from this To this The project the begining The middle There is no end result at the mo as the hubby keeps changing things so its not finished
  13. Lovely place the welsh counryside its not that far from me. I went to Scotland this weekend (23rd) the weather was brill there too
  14. This is a magazine pic of my 2nd bike Suzuki GN 125 (had GS 125 but hated sold it after 6 weeks My little beast that i loved My 4TH hated this one big mistake had it just over a week and got rid for my bandit My baby loved the bandit but too heavy so needed a lighter bike Finally (for now) my SV 650 love it
  15. Thanks people Wow trust me i have been trying to avoid coming on to bike forums myself but it never works lol
  16. With you all the way on that one heated grips are brill especially if your like me and hate winter gloves so i wear my summer gloves all year round
  17. Hello people i have joined here as it reccomended by WOW to come and have a look on our girly site I have been riding for 4 years and passed my test 2years and 2 months ago so im now off my restriction. I have done just over 4000 miles this year and i ride my trusted SV650 naked all year round (the bike naked not me lol)
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