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  1. I dont mind the yellow.But to much black for me.Plus a small dent in the tank that bugs me.Goes like stink though ;-)
  2. Mike.Unless is a cat C or D or its been to the moon and back(which i doubt) i think £2k is achievable on the Bay mate
  3. Going to paint it white.To much black for me.
  4. The XT660 forum has loads on this surging lark
  5. Had them on a 600 hornet that i bought.Peg down after 2 miles from home in summer. In the wet.I'm slow then but never had a moment.
  6. Another for hair spray(the wifes,my hairs gone ) I've also used clear lacquer in a rattle can before.
  7. I have no probs getting a tyre plugged at a tyre dealer.The head of the D.I.Y ones are much smaller than the dealers.I know its because the dealer inserts from inside the tyre. Hope it works for you. I don't think i'd have the confidence to do it/try it myself.
  8. I think Dick might be after one of these in the not to distant future flange The MK1's have a stator issue.Not all but more than there should be.Honda have extended the warrenty on the stator to 7 years. Apart from that.A good bike.Really smooth with plenty of low down power.
  9. Suz GS500.It was on an N plate in 2000.So 5 years old back then.Nice little bikes.
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