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  1. You want the post in the Bandit Forum FAQs on how to strip and refurbish the ignition barrel, that'll sort it.
  2. correct, We've got a 2.2 Rav4 never had a problem with it On a serious note have a look on the Rav4 section of the Toyota owners sites, you'll find the answers there with a search or be able to ask the questions. just for your info if you didn't know you've got a Rav 4.2 model just so you look up the right model info http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?s=82d610540c8c3f608b7bb922614e1699&showforum=79
  3. That's the only way but you've got to have a good reason to get it, and there's a fee. Rose coloured glasses though dude, my first bike was the Frsncis Barnett equivalent - 197cc Falcon I'd never want that back.
  4. The memory is going but something like... DaveHutch Trebor Yankeedoodle GTMan Surplus6 Fish Gavlar Jaygo SuzukiJax Delboy Vandernator Always1more Robbie Nobby Andy sure there's more
  5. Buggles on OSS also does them, top or bottom brace, round or box section, used to charge £75 a year or so ago, dunno how much it is now, quite a few on there have been done by him, all satisfied customers. You'll get hold of Yantosh on there as well.
  6. ....and it's not Anita Pallenberg either, her and Faithful were about the only "known" regular groupies, the other hundreds just passed through
  7. I thought that at as well when I first checked them out but the arm sits "offset" so the bottom mount is central when fitted. But it's 30odd mm wider than the Bandit and probably a lot of other bikes as well, way too much to bodge it on without major frame mods.
  8. Never mind, shows how much him and me know about them. That K4 is a bargain but I'll have to pass, got other irons in the fire at the moment, thanks anyway.
  9. Something like this Got a mate who's got a one man bike shop and does a bit of breaking, he's got that one, looks OK no gouges/scratches etc just a bit grubby. Thinks it's an 02 ish bike and thought the swingarms were all banana not just from 04. He wants £40 for it and the linkages are included. If you're interested he's Mike Ford (RSC Motorcycles) give him a bell on 07817 717092. (it's Stoke-ish area) Those swingarms must be about the nicest OE ones out there, shame it's way too much work to fit it to a Bandit otherwise it would have been in my shed ages ago
  10. Well done Insurance shouldn't be that bad on an old 400/4, classic policies(over 15years) are always cheaper.....but they don't let you build up no claims with a classic policy..
  11. No it's not and never has been, ripping a fairing off a damaged sports bike or sticking a pair of Renthalls and some twin bates on a Bandit will never make a streetfighter though to the uninformed they are.
  12. Scars kinnel Gav you aren't supposed to have a bayonet fixed to your paintball gun
  13. Originally it was a much longer post late last night Dave, must've sobered up later
  14. Nice write up if you've got thick thick anodising just soak it in Caustic Soda which is full Hydrogen Peroxide, 20 minute soak in that will remove any anodising, rinse off and it's ready for polishing back up.Really evil stuff though. edit..Flinty beat me to it
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