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  1. Figured it out with help on another forum. Seems like the master cylinder seal has gone. If i squeeze the lever slowly and gently it will allow fluid past it back to the reservoir and the lever comes back to the bar. If i pull the lever quickly the seal balloons out and works as it should so the next dilemma, new seals (£40) new master cylinder (£130) or brembo/ acossatto radial racing master cylinder (£180)

  2. so, just set off out for an hour and had to turn back because the brake lever is coming back to the bars but only when I'm moving. I can squeeze the lever while its still and it feels solid but as soon as I try to brake while moving I can feel the lever coming back, had the pads out and nothing wrong there, checked for leaks cant see anything and the fluid level doesn't seem to be going down. I havent touched the brakes since last year when I fitted braided hoses so its not like theres any air in the system. got me stumped.

  3. I'm on Virgin media and at the moment its fine which is unusual, had no end of problems with slow speed so after many phone calls and complaints/repairs they told me if i upgraded to their 50 meg speed (free) it would be more reliable as it was on a newer network. within 3 days it was down and i was without internet for a week, felt like I'd had my arm cut off.

  4. Apparently Microsoft aren't happy that millions of people are perfectly happy using windows 7 and are offering 10 free for a limited period. Whats the advantages, why should we upgrade to a system thats completely different to what we know. What is it with the computer/technology people who seem to think everything needs upgrading and "improving" every few months just when you've figured out how the old system works. ( take note Apple)

  5. @Davehutch wrote:
    Our polo hasn't gone anywhere but vw from the day we bought it because I think they will do a top job  

    I was once in a VW main dealer waiting for a new key to be coded into my old Golf and overheard a conversation on the phone between a service manager and a customer,the customer had obviously called because her brake wear warning light had come on, the service manager said " well because the pads are worn down then the discs will probably need replacing as well, that will be £460, but I should warn you that seeing as the front pads are worn then the rears will probably need replacing as well and the discs will probably be worn below the limit so the total will be £845."
    there was then a silence for a few seconds and the service manager said " well you will have to speak to one of our salesmen about that but due to the work required the value of your trade in will obviously be reduced"

    never went back in there again.she would have been perfectly fine with a set of front pads for about £40.

  6. People used to say that the ZX didn't really handle in the corners as it was too heavy, never found that and to me it always seemed fine.


    took mine round Cadwell and it coped ok, I even went round the outside of a few round Mansfield. Theyre are a bit heavy to throw round compared to an out and out sports bike though, I certainly knew about it after 4 sessions.
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