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  1. went to the YZF day at CMC today and just as we got there two lads set off one on an R1 the other on an Srad. They had just disapeared out of view when there was the sickening sound of a bike hitting a car. Everybody ran up to the road and the Srad rider was laying in the road with his bike at the side of him. Sorry I can't say how he is but the police closed the road and the ambulance was till there when we left.It looked like somebody had pulled out of either a road or car park across the front of him,probably saw the R1 and didn't think there was anybody behind him. Lesson to be learned from this when riding in a group, either ride so close together that nobody can pull out between you or so far apart that they can do safely and move across your lane as you approach cars at junctions waiting to pull out.

  2. and if half a dozen knuckle dragging neanderthals pull up in front of your bike in a van,jump out and lift it in the back with a couple of scaffold poles what goods an alarm going to do, are you really going to go and tackle them? If your really concerned the only sure fire way to put them off is to carry a big lock and chain around and chain it to a bit of street furniture every time you leave it.

  3. so he refused points and a fine that were offered by the police and prefered to take it to court and fight the case, then didn't even turn up for his hearing and wonders why he got £885 fine and eight points.If theyve got you bang to rights,which they had, it's usually better to just fess up and take the punishment.

  4. @obalanga wrote:
    I don't think I crossed the threads as i was very careful and did it mostly with fingers. I have a couple of days off this week so I will try and have a look at the plugs again may be change them and have a run about and see if that sorts it out. Thanks for the tips and hints guys.

    You probably havent crossed the threads but running the engine with a plug loose will allow schrchingly hot gasses to escape through the plug threads maybe damaging them and probably gamming them up with soot. Also if the plug is loose enough to move it will rattle in the threads with every induction/ compression stroke of the enging. If you haven't done any damage you are very lucky.

  5. 1958 Greeves scottish x2
    1967 Greeves Anglian
    Yamaha TY 175
    Bultaco 250 Sherpa
    Suzuki TS 250ER
    Suzuki GT250 X7
    Honda CB 500/4
    Yamaha YZ400 ( a monster)
    Yamaha RD350 LC (got nicked)
    Yamaha RD350 LC ( stuffed it into the side of a car)
    bit of a break then
    Honda CBR1100 Blackbird
    Kawasaki ZX12R
    Honda CBR900 RR2 Fireblade
    Honda CBR1000 RR7 fireblade
    Suzuki GSXR 1000 K2 Track bike (sold that today)
    Ducati 1098
    Yamaha YZF R1

  6. well worth trying to get to hear the interviews of John Reynolds by Steve Plater. I bought a brake piston spreader thingy and a pair of oil filter pliers. I was trying to get an hydraulic cable lubricator but no luck so I got one off ebay instead. It was really busy up till about 2.00pm then there was a mass exodus and you could see everything.I'll get some pictures up in a bit.
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