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  1. "This is a rare opportunity for somebody to own a true custom motorcycle!" Thank the lord for that, lol I can just hear Ogri saying, "God's teeth Malcolm"
  2. I feel a bit stupid as well to be honest, but there again I'm not always thinking straight when I'm in the company of you two anyway, lol. If you need any help unloading the engine give me a shout, that's assuming you'll get monkey boy brother to load it in the trailer for you at her end?
  3. AAArrrggghhh! Tammy, I can't believe it, I feel so stupid that I didn't do a text check for you when we got there to pick it up. I'm not so sure now that she didn't know it's history. Would you let me talk to her for you? I can be quite persuasive sometimes. I feel really annoyed too now.
  4. Well done Tamzin, on what was a real crap day for a test too. See you on a Bandit soon then
  5. Thanks, always loved the IOM, must go again one day, maybe the Manx though next time and take my Dommie (if it's finished).
  6. That's excellent news Sophie, wish Tammy all the best from me
  7. Well done Tamz! All the best for next week. x
  8. A bit less ornate than yours but same sort of thing. I've never fitted any of this type as, like you say, they are used in Europe more even on large internal doors, shutters etc. http://www.ironmongerydirect.co.uk/Products/Hinges/Cabinet_Hinges/13974/Screwless_Type_Hinge
  9. I love Cadwell Park, it was the first race track I ever went to, 'twas for Barry Sheene's first race after his Daytona crash in 1975. I've had a few track days there too with the Trident and Rocket 3 owners club, a focused events day both around the full circuit and a couple of Supermoto events with NORA around the "woodland section" (mountain and the first part of the straight back to the bottom of the mountain again). Being narrow in comparison to other tracks certainly makes it a challenge to overtake but compared to some hillclimbs I've done it's like a motorway!
  10. Since 1977....sounds like a bike cv thread to me! the year next to the bike is the year I had it not the age of the bike 1977 Honda CB250 G5 (Total s!$%E!) 1978 Triumph Tiger 750 1979 Suzuki GS 750 1980 Triumph T160 Trident 750 1981 Yamaha XT 250 as well as Trident 1982 Sept Honda CB900 as well as Trident 1985 BMW K100 RS 1988 Yamaha SR 500 1990 Triumph Trophy 650 (Meriden) 1998 Triumph Trident (Hinckley) 1999 Triumph Speed triple T509 2000 Triumph Speedtriple 955 2005 Daytona 955 (hillclimb racer) 2006 KTMsm 625 (hillclimb racer) 2009 Kawasaki 450KXFSM (hillclimb racer) 2011 Triumph Speedtriple 1050, still have 2011 TSS Bonneville, still have a half share
  11. Hi Tamz, I hope you're having a good one!
  12. I saw them at the motorcycle expo a few years while the idea was being developed and wondered if they were on sale yet as I've never seen one, does anybody know anyone with one yet?
  13. God's teeth Malcolm! Have you seen the "other items" he has for sale though? I've noticed this seller for about a year now and almost bought from him once. He usually has a nice collection of 2 stroke Kwak triples for sale, at a price mind!
  14. It's a joke though...............isn't it?
  15. Really? I didn't mean during the confrontation but the way he swerved in front and pulled him up.
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