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  1. Thanks guys for all the support and advice you've given to Tammy. I felt that I'd really let her down as I should have been on the more on the ball. All I can say is that I'm not at my best first thing in the morning. The bike itself seems pretty straight although I haven't ridden it more than a couple of hundred yards. I'm pretty annoyed that it seemed to have 'slipped' mind of the woman who sold it that her chimp of a brother dropped a used motor in 6 months ago but she still made a big deal about the MoT's proving the bikes mileage, cow! The standard of the work is very poor and we've spent today cleaning out the carbs and repairing the throttle cable bracket (which was hanging off). The bike has recently had new throttle cables fitted... badly and as Tammy has only just passed her test I don't want sticking throttles etc. I'll show her how to balance them tomorrow and we'll do a decent service as, even though the woman selling it says it has been serviced I think she just means her incompetent brother has changed the oil as the back brake reservoir is below the minimum level. The oil level in the engine sight glass is only 2/3 of the way up so think we'll go through the bike with a fine tooth comb. Just a bit gutted that her first experience of owning a big bike has been a bit soured by the dishonesty. Caveat emptor I suppose, especially with fleabay.
  2. So let me get this straight... for 20 quid a week they get 'all washing ironing food heating a room each electricity etc'? I know, kick 'em out and I'll move in and pay you £30 a week. After what we've paid out today in gas, leccy, phone etc that sounds like a bargain to me. And we have to do our own washing, ironing and cooking. Please send your address asap. Cheers My first full time job paid 19 quid a week and I turned over a tenner a week to my Mum. When my wages went up to £26 a week I felt like a millionaire! Then I got stupid and moved out. Doh
  3. Well done Mr Dog Welcome to the wonderful world of unrestricted, antisocial bikee stuff Ride safe
  4. Good luck with the test. Stay cool and I'm sure you'll be ok. The weather was rubbish when Tammy took hers and she got through.
  5. Well done angel... We'll sort you out with a Bandit come hell, high water or the eurozone economic crisis
  6. Wow, looks like 'The Millionaire's Club' I'd be embarrassed to stick a list of all the mottley motorcycles I've owned over the decades Loved the pic of Chad on the RM. Nice one!
  7. [size=24]Yay well done. Biking always needs new blood [/size]
  8. I know we're a fair distance apart but electrics are one of my specialities. I'll mail you my number on fb. I can sort out the bad connectors if you can sort the geography.
  9. Can't believe it but Tammy's booked in for her MOD 1 bike test on 31st. She's had two lessons with Staffs Rider Training and her instructor booked her in. Can't help it but I'm dead proud of her. As someone who passed her test, errrr, a couple of years ago after racing motocross 3 years I take my helmet off the anyone going through the bike test now. I don't think I'd pass in a million years. My test was my mate Mad Harry's dad as the examiner so I couldn't be any more loony than his son. I had to ride round the bloch BOTH ways and do an emergency stop without running Mad Harry Snr over. Then the hard part.... I had to remember one of those braking distances from the back of the highway code and then woo hoo passed. Buy Z650 and go crazy. In my favour though I have ridden 100's of 1000 of miles all over Europe and managed to stay in one piece
  10. i had this happen in front of me on the M6 a few years back, caravan got into a sway and the just disintergrated as it rolled over, one of the old wooden types, suitcases and clothes everywhere.... crapped myself.. Wow cooool... I'd have loved to have seen that, exploding caravan As for idiots who fly through dry stone walls coz they're too tight to buy new brake pads, hmmmm I'm all for Darwinian selection One one hand I can still remember some of the idiotic things people tried to scam their bikes through the MoT BUT I will never forget trying to explain that the rubbish brakes on my 1942 Hardly Ableson WLA 45" never worked even when it was new coz yanks can't build motorbikes. They'd never pass a modern weight/braking force test. It's always been the arbitrary year for tax exemption I've taken issue with. All motorcycles should be exempt, accept Hardlys as they should be rated as trucks
  11. So, if a 1951 Series C Rapide costs about £24,150, how long will it take to pay for itself in tax and MoT exemptedness? Answers on a postcard along with bank details please
  12. Tammy and I spent a fab day watching the live streaming coverage of the Northwest 200. Incredible weather (if anyone remembers last year's debacle) but tinged with sadness at the death of Mark Buckley during the Superstock Race Our condolences and thoughts are with his wife Jayne and family. Messages of condolences can be left here... Mark Buckley announcement
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