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  1. WOW Butterfly, that is awesome. There is something that Cholette told me one time. She said that God does the best work while we are asleep. One day I had a really bad day and I felt heavy like you are describing. I called Cholette for some encouragement and she prayed with me and as soon as I got off of the phone with her, I became REALLY sleepy. When I woke up 3 HOURS later, it was like nothing had ever happened. When I told her that, she says this happens to her all the time...she said it's like God needs us to be in that state so we will be still so he can touch that place and heal us. God bless you and I rejoice with you!!!
  2. I did mind...thanks for helping out.
  3. Thank you...now I need to reload my avatar!!
  4. It's still three days here in America D...hehehehe!!
  5. You are asking ME what am "I" going to get for you for your birthday? Well of course...ME!!!! I'm the best friend anyone could ever have...
  6. Ohhhh D!! It's gonna be your birthday? WOW...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! What a celebration!!!
  7. WOW cholette, that is awesome. I know how you have struggled with that. It's so good that we have Dr. Jesus to go to when the medicines here on earth is not enough. Praise the Lord!
  8. I'm so happy for you D!!!!!!!!
  9. WOW Cholette! That is wonderful!!!! I will still pray for you even though I'm a little late.
  10. You are going to be okay D...This is just a test of your faith. You already know what He did for me so if anything you know what he's capable of doing!!
  11. I've always said that we don't know what happens between a person and God before they leave this earth. I too, believe God and I know that because you prayed and because your friend knew you...something had to transpire...if not the moments before he died, maybe a while ago without anyone knowing it.
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