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  1. Lol! Ok, I'll have to get here to post here =) I think we could use this thread as a "Show of your ponies" thread... it would be cool. Are there really "millions" of variations?
  2. Megannator

    Quick Shop

    May I ask what the purple dress is? {The name}
  3. Hey all! Haven't posted here in the forums in a long while, but there are some items that I would really love
  4. Hey all! Haven't posted here in a long time... Anyways, can you all post pictures of your ponies? And how does the "Pony Maker" work? I don't have an CC's right now, but I'd love to see everyone else's ponies =)
  5. I would love the "Rare" Royal princess bride outfit too... but it does feel like a sad way to scam people out of CC =(
  6. I would prefer that too {No mystery bundles, all bought separately}... I mean, PS wouldn't lose any CC sales, I actually think they would gain some. I'm sure many players are too concerned to purchase a mystery bundle in fear they will waste their coins and not get the bundle they wanted.
  7. I wish Pet Society could separate the CC clothing bundles by gender. I can't access CC's often, but when I can, I love to spend them on clothes for Shamrock {She's quite the fashionista}. However, with "Boy Bundles" included with the "Girl Bundles" I can't risk losing my CC's. For example, I would enjoy any of the new pirate girl bundles {especially the Pirate Princess}, but what would I do with Captain Sparrow's outfit? I think I would be more willing to purchase these bundles if PS could separate the bundles into gender specific boxes. Your thoughts?
  8. Could you send me to the link for the table please? =)
  9. I got my mom addicted! Originally, I had just asked her to join to help me {I would get coins, etc}. After a while, though, she got hooked. After that, I got my Aunt to play, and she still hates me to this day for that! =) My dad also plays, but not as frequently. He loves how his character laughs
  10. I know that email subscribers {that buy CC} get a monthly freebie. I believe they can also share the link so that other members can get the freebie. Are there any new ones? The last one I got was the duck headband. Thanks all =)
  11. I would love the link if anyone has it! It's still worth the try!
  12. So I've noticed quite a few adorable pets with a Pink straw hat with flowers on it... and I was curious how people got them.... and what I seem to be constantly missing!
  13. I love this outfit =) Shamrock is sooo ready for Halloween!
  14. This is my Halloween party room =) Since it's a bit early for Halloween, I decided to go a bit easy on the "Scary" decorations and just concentrate on a fun-party room =) @Yawo- wow You room is amazing!
  15. Well, I wouldn't make poor Shamrock wear raw meat... but I do like that wig =)
  16. I LOVE the new items! But why must all the ones I like the most be CC?? I can't buy CC as much as I'd like to... I'm saving up for a truck... yeh XD But, when my mom told me about the Halloween PS format already, I pretty much ran jumping and squealing to the computer. I LOVE Halloween!!! =D
  17. Wow! Thanks for the list! It's a shame there isn't any of the dark oak kitchen pieces... I really really want those XD
  18. Before I go and buy a Mystery Revival Box, I wanted to see what other people are getting. So if you buy a box, please share what you got from it! (I really really hope there is some of the old country kitchen items in there...)
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