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  1. Lord, I lift this young woman up to You. Please heal her wounded heart. Help her to find true Christian friends and to recognize those in her life now who are not true friends. I pray, Father, that You would protect her purity and help her to know she is beautiful in Your sight. Father, please give her parents and other family members wisdom. In the name of Jesus, may every rebellious spirit be bound from operating in this girls life. I pray that she would walk in the divine destiny You have for her all the days of her life. Thank you, Lord. Amen
  2. Lord, I lift Abigail's mom up to You. I pray for wisdom for her doctors and health for her body. In Jesus name. Amen
  3. A big AMEN of agreement with all prayers for you, Mia. May the Lord richly bless you in every area of your life: spiritually, physically, relationally, finacially, mentally. May you be known as a woman who is highly favored by the Lord.
  4. I sure don't have any answers for you, Daisy, but I do want you to know that my heart goes out to you and I will be praying for you. Dear Lord, I lift Daisy to you and ask that you would bless her and her household with peace today. May Your sweet presence fill and premeate every corner of her home. May You be her refuge and strength today. Lord, You say in Your word that if we lack wisdom that we should ask for it and believe and we will recieve. So I ask that You would give Daisy and her husband Godly wisdom as they make decisions about moving, a church home, how to help thier adopted child, and any other situations where they need Your guidance. I pray, Father, that You would touch that little girl and help her through the traumas she may have had to deal with already in her young life. Bless her with peace and help her to learn. May her knowledge and understanding increase daily. Father, I pray for a restoration of relationship between Daisy and her mom. Thank You Father that You always hear and answer our prayers according to what is best for us. To You be all the Glory in Jesus Name. Amen. Always remember, Daisy, that God loves you and sees exactly where you are and knows exactly what you need. Seek Him.
  5. I haven't seen much of it either. What I did see looked really violent which I guess a lot of the Old Testament is rather violent. I'd also like to know what others think of it. Are any of you doing the study that goes with it? Wondering how unbelievers are recieving it or are they even watching?
  6. Lord, I lift exo's uncle up to You. Lord, please soften his hardened heart. May the blinders that the enemy has placed on his spiritual eyes be removed, in the name of Jesus, so that he can clearly see his need for You. I pray, Father, that all bitterness would melt away and he would know how much You love him. Lord, please send the right people across his path who will be led by You and know exactly what will touch his heart and cause him to open himself up to You. Thank You for Your love for him and all his family. Thank You that You are not willing that any should perish. Thank You for touching him right now. In Jesus precious Name, Amen.
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