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  1. add me too please, thank you xxx
  2. All i need is an attic bedroom, i have the following spare daddy cat x1 living room x2 entrance x2 bedroom x1 please help if you can...thanks xx
  3. fairie

    Need new friends?

    I would like some petville neighbours too please xxx
  4. I really want the mermaid plushie doll aw well neva mind, just love the black bathroom stuff and the petling beds are fab xx
  5. happy easter to you also, have a lovely holiday xxxx edit by smorkle: 4/24 gifts delivered.
  6. aw ive got a pink greenhouse and now im gonna be skanked, sooooooo not fair and why cant they behave taking stuff outta mbs, i just sold a water filter jug other day....kicking myself now xxxx
  7. LOL yeah mine does odd things too i wouldnt worry bout it xxx
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