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  1. Ive been talking to her for 8 hourse lol
  2. Its completely true, i was gonna make this thread earlier. Shes always there for me and i can always trade with her easily and fairly! Safely too! Shes always nice to have a chat with Best friendds <3 Go polina
  3. Aww my baby sis :'( which one and whats up with him
  4. Hahahahaha polina, you betcha it is'nt were having a gift marathon!
  5. Me and polina are having a massive gifting session lol
  6. Gonna start gifting now give me a hint
  7. lazar, not all hacked gifts do this what happens if you accept a hacked gift? when you accept a hacked gift,for example,a fox plushie that has an circle above it (click here) and try to save the game,that'll be the last click you've ever done in PS.. you won't be able to access the game,or if you manage to access the game,you won't be able to buy,sell,recycle items of save,visit a friend etc. (all stuff that requires data,click here for more details).. you won't be able to play the game anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... only some for example petling colour potion. The mystery box ones and win or lose ones dont never let you save the game. Their fine. So dont panic too much if you recieve a mystery box or a win or lose box that contains a TWS item or a CC item. If you keep it then you keep it simple as. It wont do anything. If you sell it, you sell it. It doesn't really matter. There are only certain hacked items that do this. All the others are fine. It just depends wether your the type of person who would keep a hacked item or the type of person who wouldn't. Up to you. All im saying is be careful. If you do accept a dangerous non save ever again cc item, in 14 days once the potion wares off you will be able to acces the game again so dont panic too much. Hacking is wrong and people shouldnt do it, its not your fault if you accept a hacked item. Theyre the ones to blame. Its pointless really hacking a game that people pay real money for if they choose. After all its only a game. They cant really enjoy it if they want to hack it. Its a game we love and Hackers should not be able to play. Thanks pony x
  8. I removed it because you read your post And i was telling everyone now im only selling bouffant wig and afro wig
  9. pink dainty ribbon, pinata, leprechaun doll, pet noir, how much each? in 999's and prices also in 3333 i have both
  10. not that much! That someone was lying because you cant even own 100 3333 only 99 and i think they were rying to scam you because foxes are now extremely depriced. give me an offer in cc please.
  11. hey im still intrested, how many cc do you need? I prefer to trade in 3333, is tht ok, please offer me
  12. sorry i didnt send earlier will send as soon as your online tomorow
  13. - How much is this worth? Im selling anyways, offer me please
  14. Got them but i only got 4cc for getting to lvl 10 is this right? i thought id get 6? coz 2cc for level 3 then 4 cc for lvl 10? am i right?
  15. 2x black framed office windows 1x big ben clock all your witch doll 1x Vinyl record decor 1x colourful guitar how much
  16. Im selling lucky cat how much can you offer?
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