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  1. I didn't have a screen problem until I tried to send free gifts. It happened in both firefox and google chrome. After sending the free gifts the screen is all to the lefft and I can't save anymore (among other things). Will this be fixed or do I have to do something to fix it. I have a mac..... Thank you all for posting and giving suggestions. The ones mentioned just don't work for me.
  2. I agree Yummy Bunny! It seems I have friends who have multiples and since they can't be gifted they must be hacked. What's the point of playing a game if the point it to cheat not play? So sad for all of us who just wanted one too...
  3. I was sick with a migraine and they were gone before I could think straight enough to play. Bummer....
  4. Not to worry Tiddly Winks. You are a most lovely pet and have a brilliant personality. You'll have a wonderful date with Kasi. Have fun and show him that fantastic smile!
  5. There is a glitch that PS is aware of and I guess they might get around to fixing it at some point. They have said that the corsage plants you buy now will work correctly. I'm just going to wait and see what happens... As many have said the little pots are cute anyway!
  6. i have extra faerie bed to swap with ur spring faerie table i have the lily hat to swap with ur dress , sending u f/r Accepted and sent you the dress. Thanks so much!
  7. I have: 1. wallpaper 2. floor 3. dress 4. table 5. Bracelet I need bed and chair and rug. I love the faerie items!!!
  8. Orionella is so lucky to have Inky! They are planning a wedding for this summer as soon as Inky's mom is out of school. Exams take up so much time!!! Orionella is making some plans mean time! Good luck Tiddly WInks, I'm sure there is some pet out there waiting for you too!
  9. Mine aren't growing either and some of my friends have had theirs for a long time with any growth. The first 5 I had grew, but I got several new ones that have not done a thing.
  10. A rather ho hum offering for this week, I think. And I agree the boy clothing needs some creativity added.
  11. tinlizzie15


    Grumble, grumble, grumble... Maybe they should develop a game where hackers could compete at hacking things, otherwise in my way of thinking it defeats the purpose of playing the game in the first place.
  12. I am also looking for a shamrock rug please.
  13. Could I please have 14 if hasn't been snapped up yet? Thanks!
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