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  1. how much for the school girl outfit?
  2. I am a trauma nurse and have to be extremely serious during some heart wrenching situations in real life.So movies and tv shows make me cry at the silliest moments. this movie list would be soooo long!Any movie or show moment where a child or animal is hurt whether is be mentally or physically......even cartoon lol my heart is too big sometimes
  3. love all your rooms,Christmas is my favorite. I don't have anything really christmas yet and my son is making plans for a lot of coins... I have news for him lol I would love to make a christmas room soon! You have done an amazing job,doll
  4. very awesome! I am going to have to trade or buy a christmas tree soon lordy where are the poinsettias ?
  5. oh my! mystery box gave me two of those last night......wonder if anyone would be insane enough to give her that *snort*
  6. thanks for giving my son the idea to put his plush pets on the stairs! he really appreciates it
  7. I don't really have a goal to be honest.I had a spinal injury and deal with some crazy pain on a daily basis.The silly fun ,helps me really relax better than anything else that medicine has offered.I guess my goal is to just have fun with it and I love the clothes!!
  8. I love the fall room is there anything special you need?
  9. thanks for accepting my request,I am also new to this forum They all appear to be very friendly and I also look forward to meeting to you visiting your pet Kathy
  10. 1) pet society 2)cafe world 3)farmville 4)fishworld
  11. I am saving 999 items and pretending I do not see them until the christmas things come out.I just have to control myself when it comes.... I will want it ALL!!
  12. thank you tons, Lea and Tromo I am a PS addict and probably need an intervention more than I need a site that encourages me lol I am excited about December,because Christmas is my favorite!
  13. Hi there my name is Kathy my pet is bunnyfuzzyness.I have heard wonderful things about this place,so here I am!
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