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  1. love it! It made me really cold burrrrrrr....gotta make coffee now! :tree2: :cat1: oh my goodness at the christmas smiley thingies! LOVE THEM!!!!
  2. I wish for the toys shop gifts ,please. or any christmas item,I haz teh poor...bunny is working on getting back in the game.computer is still broken but a good friend is lending me a notebook for a few days thank you and the sweetness and kindness is appreciated~
  3. I don't have any of the mb items since the sunday they had the over the meadows week.Never got that stuff that week.I was able to get some stuff that night and poof I died lol someone sent me the birdcage limited and peacock!I also got the pig for that week.I have missed out on all the mb items and rest of limited items.Not going to be able to buy anything tonight,but I will be ok.I was able to get some of the steam punk decor and that thrilled me.I love that stuff!!! xoxoxo
  4. Lucky I gotta give this thing back tomorrow and real life is about to intervene.I don't want to get off the computer! hugs!!!!!!
  5. Still having major computer problems.I am getting a blackberry phone in the mail tomorrow,so will be able to say hello on facebook,but wont be able to play games.I finally was able to play pet society a couple days this weekend.A friend of mine lent me a notebook for a couple days. OMG I MISS THIS PLACE AND ALL OF YOU!!!!! I have so much medical stuff to update you all on,but some stuff has happened and interfered...so before true updates are announced,I gotta leave you all hanging LOL Will not be buying a new computer until after christmas,my kids will be coming 1st.Momma thing yanno lots of love to all!!!!! If anyone can send me limited items or mb items while I am gone.I will really appreciate it.I will compensate when I get back in the game full time....as soon as pc is fixed or new one is bought.Hopefully my father is able to fix the one in my home.My other computer my father in law is using and I can't just take it away from him. uggg or mb items since Nov lol...I have 1000 coins now...but you all know when I return I return nicely. thanks a ton!
  6. I am having major computer issues and am unable to get into my ps. Not sure how long it is going to take until I can..I am so frustrated Haven't done any visits or anything....GRRRRRRRRRRRR thanks everyone miss you tons!
  7. love all the new stuff.I gotta get some coins jeez! halloween stuff is my favorite!!!
  8. I wish you the best (h) huge hugs I will miss you
  9. too early for Halloween,I was hoping for more Autumn things.I still love the items. They're all precious...I love love love black cats...hope they have tons hugs everyone!
  10. I am glad I read this.I am tired of digging and digging .I spend so many coins trying to find the weekly items.I almost got the hat.I think I will wait now.
  11. I think the new clothes bundles are amazing and are my favorite items! really love them!
  12. omg bunnies everywhere!!!!!!! I gotta have the urban chic wig at least lol Sad thing is that you have to buy the dispenser and then buy the bunnies with coins!!! Greedy greedy PS!!! I am totally working on getting some coinage.Kids sports ,doctor stuff and physical therapy are kicking my buns!I love you all and miss you all though! I love this coming weeks and present weeks theme.I just wish they wouldn't cc everyone to death. hugs to everyone!!!!
  13. really adorable and pretty items! wish they would cool it with the cc stuff. I didn't mind so much when it was a little thing here and there that I was able to gift now and again.I can't afford it anymore for the time being and what about those who never can get them.I feel bad for them always. At least there are things people can get this week that makes me happier hugs and love to all of you!
  14. I will say a prayer for them *huge hugs*
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