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  1. Serenity & Agne &Hanna! huge hugs to all of you and ty
  2. ty Chay woohooo "dangerous bunny",thanks for the giggle!
  3. bunnyfuzzyness

    Lazar :)

    Bunnyfuzzyness's outfit for you today Thank you for the gift.Her dress was making her hips look huge anyhow
  4. well may take me a while......I have 364 coins lol and 1 cc I am kinda pathetic right now hahahahaha items bought and sent
  5. I can send 2 mystery paintings and the pink door & more when I am able to do more visits.
  6. I want the horse carriage thingy in the outdoors shop and do not have enough coins to buy it. Please make your offer.
  7. it is beautiful,I had to close my eyes to listen.I wanted to rip off her wig and fix it.(I giggled at the audience too) I need a nap
  8. Seems like you're doing everything you need to do.Sometimes, it is just the server is too busy. wait a short bit and try again ,Good luck and I am so sorry. hugs
  9. You will be missed! If the pets get missing we will find them for you
  10. I have been taking it easy,more pain than usual imagine that lol son has been playing one of my games,but won't do any visits for me.The evilness of it.Guess I need to put something in bunny's house to clobber and he will help a broken up momma out jeez lol
  11. I started a fb page because my daughter nagged me to death and I hated fb lol and I also started ps and closed them both.Months later I opened a new one of each.I am so glad I did,some of my best friends were playing and helped me get started by sending items to sell. I didn't want to sell any of it lol Especially the baby cat.Bunny's 1st meal with both accounts was an apple,her most beloved gift was the black cat.I actually squealed in, Alysin in Wonderland's ear, on the phone,when I opened it.I think her ear probably still rings from it. The same friends who got me started really good,linked me to PSFC, to see new items every week.I remember being happy to get 2,000 coins a week.Now 20,000 barely has you covered.I remember when I decided to join this forum and I am so happy that I did.
  12. very neat.saving coins for now though lol
  13. Lisa, that is not boring that is a stressful day.Grrr at blood and doctors.I still feel like I have been beaten up from my dr visit last tuesday.I was already in pain from the 2 hr drive ,then they tortured me for 2 1/2 more,the poor assistant almost cried ,when he made me cry.Then because of traffic it took us over 3 hrs to get home. I don't want to even think about about how you will feel tonight,my heart and prayers go out to you Tiddly!!! I am going to miss you and how my phone hates Germany lol I hope you enjoy your trip ,luv ya tons!
  14. omg I love love everything and have zip for coins. Maybe I can talk my son into doing some visits for me and gotta part with stuff.Gonna get this love it. hugs and miss everyone.On for a few minutes at a time,but won't be for the remainder of today. hugs!
  15. 2 sets of BBQ Hot Sauce Independence Day Party Hat Pink Party Balloons Pink Mini Fridge and just one of Pink Retro Glasses Pink Retro Chair Red Retro Typewriter hugs,maybe it will make it easier if I put it here. now my mind is made up lol
  16. I finally got mine and love it! still send me requests,today is a busy day for me,but when we get home tonight or in the am....I will continue to sent them! thanks everyone!
  17. I gotta stop looking at this, I gotta have the brown dress set wonder how long it will be in stores.
  18. these incidents were even more serious than those,let's just say,"this person was beyond blessed this day".
  19. omg ,I just spent coins I didn't really need to spend.I didn't even notice **hangs head in shame** thank you billions for posting this,I would have missed out, darlin!
  20. Have a safe trip! Bunny & I will be by ,often to check on Funny.
  21. I know I shouldn't talk about patients,but be weary of those people.I had a patient asked to smell the perfume to by and then was harmed. Please be very weary of people like that. scammers are not always dangerous,but I care for all of you and can't go into detail because of the law,but this person is not the ONLY person harmed by perfume scammers.They do things in different ways,if it seems too good to be true,it usually is .
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