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  1. oh my goodness!I think it is an excellent pic!!!! I love to see ultrasounds!!! oh my gosh ,I am sooooooooo excited for you!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  2. It has been glitchy with me since yesterday....ok right now,but I am not going to hold my breath to it.
  3. I have two of the actually,Foxpoly :)ty tons xx It is ok Pedja.I truly appreciate it. huge hugs!
  4. thank you,pedja you're one of the kindest people here
  5. never mind after 1 hr,it let me get it.
  6. When I click to buy the item it tells me that my account is temporarily unavailable.The thing is.......I can buy anything but THAT! what in the world!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!?????? I haven't been able to get any of the items in a few weeks ,because of health stuff,but I am here tonight and really want this grrrrr why are they being so mean!
  7. darn it! I get the spoiled princess....I gifted a few of them and now out of cc and I want the ugly duckling one so bad
  8. I love it ,but the cc on the wigs and stuff is bumming me out! I have an extra of the outfit I am wearing and can't gift it grrrrrr
  9. I have opened a ton of mb trying to find the cat and the pretty thing with wings uggg
  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best week ever!!! I am in love with it all!!! and a FROG!!! I just hope the merry go round is not cc huge hugs everyone!
  11. orange juice grilled or fried
  12. very cute! still haven't gotten my closet so the clock will have to wait lol the strawberry outfits are just omg cute!I am a lover of strawberry shortcake dolls
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