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  1. Well Charlotte,I got good news on the day, we became friends maybe you were my lucky charm truly appreciated!
  2. thank you tons Chloe and Hannah! huge hugs and ty's
  3. Huge hugs! Happy Birthday,darling What you can do is take dawn dish detergent and baking soda.You make a paste with it and wash your hair with this.It will strip color,safely. Ash is not a good tone to play with.SOOOOOOOOOOO many ways to go wrong.Are you using professional products?Instead of paying loads of money to do it on your own,can you pay someone to do it? Please don't ruin your hair by over-processing it. Darker blonde would make your eyes stand out amazing!!!Get glammed up and have a blast friday! xoxo
  4. Sara.Lazar,Ursula,Lisa,Yvette,Audrey,Stasia and Nancy....all your hugs,kisses,thoughts and prayers mean the world to me! huge hugs and lots of love to all of you and thank you again for being wonderful friends!
  5. I went to the doctor this am.I was very pleased with my visit He removed several medications like I asked and I will be starting aqua therapy very soon!!!!! I am so excited and thrilled. A huge step towards recovery. Yes,there will be a lot more pain......it will be worth it!!!I am going to tough a lot of it out. Thanks to all of you here for all the support.I am trying to keep up with all the building clicking and the requests.Yell at me if I get behind! huge hugs and thank yous!
  6. when I looked this am,I did not realize that so much is cc. dang it.I wish I would have been able to do more visits. I love this week's items the best!!! just love them!!!!!
  7. Happy Birthday ,Chay! luv ya tons!!!!!
  8. voted x2 on the links lisa gave ty lisa and hugs to you both!
  9. welcome back!!!! huge hugs!!!
  10. you both look fabulous! A little cuddling never hurt anyone
  11. Even the wallpaper and lights were created just for Bunny!She loves this week's theme!Party time in her ice cream shop!!!
  12. Awww I wish you luck on your interview.I hate that you're leaving ps I do love frontierville like the others.Hugs,Mango and the best of luck to you.Please stay in the forum and let us know how you are.You're part of this family,sweetheart
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