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  1. I am really tired of farmville and cafe. I still love ps.I can't get bored of it.I guess because it used to give me peace of mind and take me away from the real world for a moment.It still does that,but my injury is non-cooperative. It gets harder daily for me to be on the computer and I miss people that I play with.Hopefully soon,I will get my surgery and computer time will be awesome again. I do understand what you mean about the boredness,just not with ps for me. hugs
  2. I will pray that both of you recover quickly Welcome home!!!!
  3. Awesome! Good luck everyone.I do not want to compete,it will give others a better chance
  4. I am addicted to Pet Society.I never knew such a thing could be possible lol I am addicted to cats :......... not sure of what else.
  5. that is awesome!! I really like Kivie Those nurse people have a strange sense of humor yanno hugs and thanks for the giggle...big green monster turd ya got there hugest hugs ever
  6. I love the fountain and the owl ...omg the pelican is just adorable!
  7. bunny has been there They had a great time
  8. oh my!Bunny is going to need another sweets room for all these new sweets!!!
  9. I pray for his recovery,I know that it is very scary to have anything amputated. My heart breaks for him and I miss being the nurse, instead of the patient.He will need his family more than ever and I can't emphasize how bad I feel for him.Send him our prayers.
  10. you will be back on in 24 hrs,don't worry
  11. Versailles pink table..sent one of those too
  12. Versailles dinner table,2x Pink Versailles chair I am sending that now
  13. Lisa ,Nancy and Sara thank you all so much and the hugest of hugs to all three of you. We have such a wonderful family here and I cherish the friendships I have made. Your support means so much to me
  14. So thoughtful.She is amazing like that You're also an amazing woman and will be a truly wonderful mother!!!!I am so excited for you!!!!
  15. Thank you Smorkle and Lucky! Huge hugs! The work insurance keeps me on lock down, they are responsible to fix me and for 7 yrs to take care of me.They are responsible for my medication and all medical needs such as therapy etc during injury time.I am to pay nothing.They also can deny anything they want. My insurance can't do anything,because this is a job injury and workman's compensation is in charge of it.We have more control with our own doctors and insurance. it's all politics really,thank goodness we have a lawyer that is capable of doing the handling of most of it.So frustrating.I am just glad that we have another dr on my side.Huge hugs!
  16. oh no! I used almost all my coins and got it.I wished I didn't click it now. Laz I had no idea ,that you didn't have any coins to get it uggg now I feel bad.
  17. 95% was if they had done it 11/2 yrs ago
  18. Bunnyfuzzyness and I ,FINALLY spent more than a few minutes together lol This morning I had only a little over 300 coins!It took me ALL day,but I did do some visits and have more coins .I even bought 3 mbs woohooo. The update from the surgeon visit last tuesday is: He recommends surgery,the only safe way to do it is a fusion through my abdomen.I will have to lose some weight,he wants me to be as thin as possible.My chance of success has dropped from 95% to 75%.I am still ok with that.Only safe exercise for me is water therapy,I am trying to get that approved now.I have gained some weight because of inactivity and the medication.I do not want food hardly at all. Now the thing is having to fight my job's insurance to finally agree,my spine injury will be 2 yrs ago july 21st.I have my own awesome insurance and can't use it because it was a workman's comp case.Those here in the U.S. will know how that works,those in other countries,I can explain more if you're curious.It is really cruel. Anyhow,I am in good spirits I am forcing my self to eat to build somewhat of a metabolism.I see my other dr in 2 weeks and will get him to take me off the weight causing meds.No matter how much more pain that will cause.If it will get me closer to a solution ,it will be worth it,right? I want to thank for my friends here for their thoughts and prayers!Now to get all of this approved.I need the biggest prayers ever,this insurance is so cruel.They're scared of the long term payment etc etc.They don't realize they're just making me worse by waiting....idiots. thanks for being so supportive of me and the others with health issues here. PS is an amazing game that brought us all together
  19. I am sorry sorry,sweetheart. I wonder why you fainted,that concerns me a little.It could be possibly from the pain or the way you tried to stand. Trust me a lot of us know pain and we want you better super fast! You're in my prayers and I am truly sorry you're hurting Keep that foot elevated ,as much as possible! huge hugs!
  20. I am loving friends with flies today. I have been feeding my pets and their pets daily,but haven't been on more than a few daily. have been missing my friends though! I am taking the time to send out requests for your dollhouse & balloon needs.So still send those if you don't have them done yet
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