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  1. Making me pick one book, is like making me choose one of my children. just can't happen ~huge hugs~
  2. soooooooo funny! thanks for sharing!!
  3. omg I want the walk in closet!!! Too bad it is cc I love the window and a couple items
  4. Just for that, you better add me into your neighborhood! okie dokie!
  5. I have been neglecting my kitties at this time I am a bad pixel kitty owner lady person
  6. Nancy,I love it! The wallpaper freezes up on several people and this is adorable!You're so creative.
  7. also I LOVE the display....I am going to attempt to make one that nice.
  8. You're going to be soooo proud of me today...well tonight rather.Sorry to everyone that I haven't been online too.I have missed ya'll TONS! I am going to get all dolled up and going to meet my husband's NEW (get this) business partner and his wife tonight. Cory is starting a new organic greenhouse system on our farm.Hydroponics...... it will involve fish,fruits and veggies.I will call one day next week and explain. Thing is, I am leaving the house for something other than a dr appointment.....so weird lol
  9. bunny was born purple ....hehe I like it,cool thing is that we can change skin and hair color daily huge hugs
  10. cute stuff,I gotta look again later lol hugs!
  11. they're so pretty and tiny!
  12. Thank you,Gai! huge hugs! Today and friday have been a nightmare with pain,but I still have pain medication to use as needed.I know the doctor never means to hurt meand the drive is so hard on my back , hips and leg.All those extra meds for this and that and this.Maybe this time next year,zero meds and back to normal.My dream anyhow!!!!! When this spinal surgery is done in a few months,I plan on celebrating big here.
  13. Very Awesome! Love to hear you're happy,doll!!!! I love Bones and Charmed and love love love OLD movies and sales!
  14. I don't want to pay AGAIN for something I have,but if I were to get that dustball looking thing I would be thrilled!!!! They're getting way out of hand with 10,000 limits and cc items.Not cool at all.
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