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  1. I made it!! WOOHOO!! Going to have a look in miss Snorks' wardrobe for the next round! Nice task Pedja!!
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you are getting stalked by someone. I hope Facebook does something soon. I can say this to maybe help you out: there is a setting somewhere in facebook that allows you to only receive messages from friends. Go and have a look in privacy settings, where you can find at the top Connecting on Facebook. There you can change the settings for people who can send messages to your profile. I have mine on 'friends only', and only receive PMs from friends.
  3. Woohooo!!! Happy birthday Smorkle!!!! :pen:
  4. I'm not sure if you have bingo already Rocio, as it's double lines bingo being played, so I guess you need two full lines Mine is updated again, doing it here, cos I am losing track of my older post, lol
  5. oh of course! you can update the card or not update the card just make sure you scream bingo if you win :smiles: :smiles: :carol: woohoo, thanks! seems I'm on a roll :-D :tree2:
  6. I have updated my card, doing that now in the first post I made, I hope that's okay?
  7. Toulouse


    Loving it already! Awesome job Lisa! :good:
  8. This is mine :-) Will update here every time there's a new set of numbers, is that okay?
  9. ROFL !!! I will admit I'm writing Vampire Academy down on my to read list ;-)
  10. Well, I had an appointment today, but seems I will have to cancel it. There's fallen SO much snow the buses don't drive and it's too risky to go driving around with the car...
  11. I'll send some over as it started snowing here again ;-)
  12. I'd love to swap too, although the snow has some charms as well (It's -6°C here now, but it feels a lot colder)
  13. Toulouse


    I hope you feel better soon Tiddly! Hang in there Tromo, keep in mind it's almost christmas, if you get some days off then. Keep that goal in front of you :-) I've been outside today, in the blistering cold and snow. But I was prepared, so I put on a loooot of layers, a hat and gloves (forgot my scarf), but it was actually quite... agreeable outside! Not too cold at all. I'm gonna head outside this afternoon to take some pics and enjoy the view!
  14. Hey guys, I welcome you all in the thread called 'The Café'. There is a place where you can just chat, look for the name 'PSFC Chat Area'. Hope all is well
  15. Wow, I made it! I didn't see Snorks at first, but she looks awesome in the black & white picture, as do the others too! Going to have a look in her wardrobe now and try on a couple of outfits! Thanks Pedja for this new challenge! Snorks' entry:
  16. Toulouse


    Thank you Nancy!! I usually have my siggies made by someone else, but decided to make my own this time, as I didn't want to bother that person with it. And indeed, Christmas is coming closer! I am still waiting for one present to arrive and need to go back to the store to get one more present (which in stores from a certain release date), but other then that: I am ALL set! I am amazed I got everything so quickly!
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