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  1. Just dropping by to say hi :-) Been really busy with school, tried to keep up with my courses and had to combine everything with my thesis, so most of the time it's nuts. I just found out that the deadline for my thesis has been postponed for 3 more days, so that is good news! (it's now due May 19th). And that's about it I think, nothing much to report.
  2. Very excited for all of you!
  3. I occasionally drop by, but it's getting really quiet here... I'm doing okay, been sick for over a month, but finally (hopefully) perking up again. Very busy for school as well, so I guess that's why I'm not around as much anymore as well. Hope you're all okay.
  4. Happy Pre-Friday! My, that sounds sooo good! I am counting down towards tomorrow, right after class. Been having laryingits last week, today I got up with yet another sore throat, which I hope is from fatigue. I've had a very busy week and am just looking forward until tomorrow afternoon (after my last class for this week), so I can just catch up with things I recorded and rest. My weekend will be crowded as well, as we have a surprise party planned for my mother-in-law, so I'll be out all weekend again.
  5. I'm sorry for your loss Stasia *big hug*
  6. I think I missed it already. If you have a spare one, I would love one, thanks!
  7. Woohoo! So that's why it was in my chest, I had no idea! :-D
  8. Very Cool Yvette! Had no idea there were tigers honestly!
  9. Home again from skiing trip, very exhausted and sick, classes start tomorrow again and had an appointment yesterday for thesis, so haven't really had the time to recuperate... But oh well, good to keep myself busy I guess. Hope you're all doing fine.
  10. Toulouse


    Guess who made it back home, safe and sound? Ski trip was awesome - very tiresome, but we had a blast. Too bad the snow was in poor condition, there were a lot of icy spots, which made it very dangerous (happened a lot of accidents and even some deaths as well). But at least we had sunny weather and both have a tan hehe
  11. Toulouse


    Very cute teddy Tiddly!! LOL @ Tromo, it's my third year now, let's hope the previous were good enough to not let me break anything and prepared me a little as well :-) Last time I drop by before I leave, take care everyone!
  12. Toulouse


    Thanks Tromo & Charlotte! I'll keep you posted, just keep your fingers crossed we won't get back with broken legs or arms or... :-D
  13. Toulouse


    Well, as I have something to share and don't wanna start a new topic, I dug this one back up. I want to apologize for being so absent here lately - I have been really, really busy. I set myself a deadline for my thesis and am trying to work towards it. It seems my goal has almost been reached - I will find it out tomorrow when I meet up with my assistant-promotor. Asked him if I could possibly drop by his office to evaluate my thesis for now. The next week I won't be here at all, because I'm off skiing in France. That's why I set such a deadline for my thesis so I can enjoy my trip to the fullest. After that week my classes start again and my actual promotor is back from London as well, so it'll be her I'll need to visit then. I hope you are all doing great! Warm hugs! xoxoxo
  14. Toulouse

    PSFC MAP!!

    Whoot, I've added myself as well, seems I'm the only one from Belgium :-D
  15. Congrats Chay! And such a pretty name!
  16. Gonna update here, cos I don't want to start a topic just to say I'm really swamped & busy for school. I'm leaving on my ski trip next Saturday and really have a lot to do still - for school, for the trip and then other things at the house broke down, so need to take care of that. It seems a never ending busy time now. Hope you're all okay.
  17. Sounds cool tromo! I've been getting up at 6:30 am every morning this past few week, I was very tired but I was able to sleep in a bit yesterday and today. This next week that will come, and the one after that, I will be getting up at 6.30am also, just because I am trying to get a lot done during the day. Today I've planned to clean up one part of my wardrobe, work for my thesis and study a bit. Tomorrow I'll be going to the library, work there a bit in the morning and during noon I think, because in the afternoon I'm meeting up with a friend in town. Tuesday I hope to get more done for my thesis and then my sister is coming over, we are going to bake a few things. And then Wednesday, another friend is coming over in the evening, so I plan to -yes, again- work for thesis. Then I will need to start making lists of things I need to take with me on my trip in 2 weeks. I might make a list today, when I take a break.
  18. I hope I didn't bother you asking this. And you are in my prayers and I certainly hope the medication will make you feel better, fingers AND toes crossed!!! What is your favorite flower?
  19. @ Lisa: Purple is cool (one of my favorite colors as well) this might be a bit of a difficult question, and maybe too personal, but please ignore it if you don't want to answer it... what would your ideal absolute pain-free day look like? is there anything in particular you would like to do?
  20. Lea, the sun really makes a difference! If you could be any color you want, which one and why?
  21. I like that question Tiddly (about her philosophy), so I'm curious to find out what she's going to answer :-D If you could choose any country/place to live in, which one would it be and why?
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