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  1. Got the last bundle gifted by a dear friend Can someone please lock this topic/thread? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Jennifer - did the same for you. Am only looking for ONE PETWARD SCISSORPAWS outfit now!
  3. Received both bundles, thanks! Thanks Jennifer, she's in a lot of pain. GP will stop by later, so we'll know more then. Updated my top post too - am now only looking for 2 Petward Scissorpaws outfits
  4. Just sent over 20*5999, hope you don't mind I already sent the payment over (I don't have much time today, might have to take my Mom to the GP or even ER if not being helped immediately)
  5. Sure!!! Thanks so much!! Going to log in to FB now and accept!
  6. Hello all I'm looking for - nothing anymore, got the petward bundle gifted by a dear friend Bought from jennifer - 1x Pettlegeuse Outfit - 1x Pettlegeuse Groom Outfit
  7. It seems everyone is indeed busy :-) I'm enjoying my time off while looking for a job... Find it a bit scary though, I've always been used to going to school. Other than that, I'm doing fine. Hope all is well here!!!
  8. It is indeed very quiet - I still try to drop by from time to time, but a lot of people I've known here on the forum left and I'm the only one from that gang sticking around so it seems... Either way, news to share: I had the best birthday present ever (birthday was 2 days ago): I finally graduated and got my masters degree! Couldn't be more happier! Hope everyone's okay.
  9. Have been really busy during the summer to be honest, barely had no time to drop by. Hugs to all!
  10. Toulouse

    New Feeding!

    I really like this feature too, the cats are just too cute when they get a fish and it makes it go a bit quicker too!
  11. I still need four: poodle, mini penguin, persian x-ray and mini blacklight scruffy dog. Hoping to find them soon
  12. Exactly the one I'd pick as well Kokonee (I am a bunny lover hehe) So far no luck, still need to find: poodle, mini penguin, persian x-ray cat, mini panda, mini blacklight scruffy dog. I did find several mini pandas but people need to accept your request...
  13. Toulouse

    Funny photos

    Thanks for sharing!
  14. I also wish I could help, but no qualified pets - and the hunt is really hard on me here. I'll probably not manage to get it finished :-(
  15. I was just wondering about the same Tromo Sad about them disappearing, because we have a bit of a history there but can be understood
  16. Thanks Tromo & Lisa! Tromo, finals are exams, but these are in the end of the year (and also the last one of my education), so that's why I've been calling them that way :-) Going to revise now, have some time left, so hopefully I'll manage to remember everything hehe
  17. Haha, thanks Smorkle! Uhm, besides Dutch (mother language) I have to know French (second language of Belgium), but also know English and German. When in school here, you get a lot of choices to learn languages, and a couple you are obliged to follow. If that makes sense ;-) I think I've learned English a lot from TV, and from interacting on the computer, or on fora. I've always been really fond of that language, so it's been easy on me to get the hang of it. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE reading English books (sometimes way better then their translated versions). Sorry I haven't responded earlier, I am in the middle of finals (tomorrow is my first, and actually last one), so have been working on that! How are you? And how is everyone?
  18. Yvette, I'm so sorry you had such a tough day *hugs* And it seems like a good idea to be thinking about another place to stay, if they are so strickt about getting a cat. I am still studying, and I'm counting down, because this seems like a long time. I've been studying for two weeks now, the same course, because I only have one, and I still have (just less then) a week to go. It sure makes you feel lonely from time to time. And that's about it. I can't wait for summer holidays, I have a few things planned, and some ideas in the back of my mind for then. Hope all is well!
  19. Hi Pedja!! Good to see you! I hope you're well and hope everything got sorted!
  20. Hiya Smorkle! Yes, I've always lived in Belgium :-D Born and raised and still living here!
  21. Yvette, I think my avatar here says it all ;-) I adored care bears when I was a kid, and I still adore them now True about the colors, I didn't notice before the purple is a bit pale, but still a cute theme nonetheless.
  22. It is a typical girly week and I actually really like it (esp the seahorse pony, the plushie and the wig)
  23. Yvette, my father in law and his girlfriend had a cat, they also lived on the second or third floor and had a balcony (the cat was already a few years old), but he managed to do just fine, he went to the balcony, sat there for a few, and then asked to be left back into the apartment. I think it is great to adopt a shelter cat, but it might be a good thing to consider looking for a private adoption? I hope all goes well! I haven't been on here as much lately, but I'm studying for my finals. I did have my thesis presentation last week and all went fine (at least, that's what I understood from my professor giving me thumbs up afterwards). I am exhausted still, but am putting all my energy in this final, so I get to graduate hopefully. Hope all is well with everyone here!
  24. I'm getting really aggravated with FB today (and it was already bad yesterday) - I had posts on my wall from my friends (to wish me good luck, on a side note), and when I started accepting boxes from PS and deleted those posts, the other posts also disappeared... I have no idea what is up with it, but I hope they get it fixed soon!
  25. Thanks for sharing, it's awesome - can't wait!
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