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  1. Ive got mine but when i click on it it either save failed or we currently can establish ps
  2. I'm not sure either but it did say that it just arrived so it'll probably be there until clearance sale unless playfish lied like for the pirates ahoy plushie!
  3. LOVING the new items! I already bought all the new clothing! Too bad I cant seem to find the mochi bunny plushie
  4. sorry, I preferably trade, sorry!
  5. Spoilt Princess Bundle or Rapunzel Bundle
  6. sure hun xxx all sent cheers hun xx all recieved and magic stone decor sent xx rfcved, adding rep
  7. how much for Mini ben clock?
  8. may i please get the Magic Stone Decor for 6x5999? thanks
  9. Hem...

    selling items

    how much for ed japanese ogre mask ?
  10. With me, as soon as one is posted on the wall...*clickclickclick* ! Ive Got halfway until the mask!
  11. I'm very attracted to the new toys from the hiddeni! I think this is by far the best thing that hideeni has given us! The are SO adorable! I've got 8 more to go until I complete the collection Hiddeni is so cute in his outfit Do YOU like the items?
  12. As Ursala said, the forest aquarium sells back for 3500, the 4500 item is the admiral jacket but that sells back for 4999
  13. do you still have the red toy cars?
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