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  1. ME TOO! I was thinking the exact same. The wwf is amazing. I have no patience. I want it now. lol
  2. Oh how I love this time of year It's the feeling of it all. The cozy , snuggle up with the family feeling. The lights, tree, the manger. So many traditions. LOVE it! Hope everyone has a blessed holiday season! I think this theme for the week is very cute. Something different!
  3. ughh! I agree, no more eggs! I really like the kitschy 40s-50s style decos. I would love to have a small manger scene to display.
  4. I agree! I dont mind buying cc. I save for it and get it here and there. BUT I really hate that they make box for cc with the title "collect them all" and "which will you get". It is too expensive to keep bying boxes and hoping to get an item. They keep doing this more and more. Now they are doing it with the seeds again for the rose/rose bush. And the outfits! grrr
  5. Those prices are CRAZY! But, you prob should remove them as we are not supposed to post prices . They are only obtained early like that through hacking. I think Lea posted that on this post earlier I didnt know that either before and posted price that i saw . I thought someone just had inside info and didnt realize it was found by hacking either. I like most of it. Some of it (especially clothing) reminds me of the spring fairy items from before, There was also a hippo pond almost identical to this one previously released before too. They seem to be doing the same items and just changing them slightly and putting them out as "new". I really like the tansier and frog. I always like wwf items. I sure hope they arent as expensive as mentioned!
  6. I am confused too. I was on last night digging and having trouble. It kept giving me a save failed when I would dig. Sometimes closing the game with the message. Now I cant get in at all!! And It is a white screen with just advertisements. It scares me!! Isnt a white screen supposed to be bad? Like banned? I sure hope not1 I havent done anything bad. It just HAS to be a glitch. I hate all this craziness lately
  7. Good and bad I guess. lol I truly get tired of him popping up in every room. But I like him bearing new gifts. lol
  8. This has happened to a lot of people. It lasts 24 hours. I thought they were done doing that! It didnt work right before so why are they doing it again? Im to the point where I just dont care if anyone cheats because it ends up penalizing everyone. They should just concentrate on the cheats that steal cc items and we all have to do the best to ignore the rest. Otherwise it seems everyone is a target..good or bad. Too many innocent people have been getting suspended. So, far, knock on wood, I havent had it happen. to me.
  9. I am really excited about the paintings. Know my daughter will be too. she is going into her Junior year in art college I personally really like this themes and the items are beautiful. (though a repeat and some are almost the same as before) ANOTHER WIG!!! I am SO wig addicted. Will need an intervention soon. I have basically collected every wig and in most colors. Now they are adding a new color too. Uh-oh.. going to be broke for sure. lol
  10. I love the new items. Hopefully I will have some luck with the win/lost boxes! Good luck everyone!
  11. Its really cute. Looks a bit like Bambi, which was my fave movie when I was a child. But not sure I will want to spend cc on it. I also dont think it is fair to have the limited be cc every week. Some people cannot get cc and never have the choice of purchasing.
  12. Thanks for the reminder. I still think it would be weird to have two accounts here in PSFC. I think I may be an airhead I admit. I still dont understand why you would do it to get things. BUT I had two accounts at one point (but reported it) I forgot the password etc to my first one and made a second . So if that happens to anyone else dont forget to let them know so they can close one for you
  14. Ok Just let me know what you'd like to trade. You can send me a pm on facebook anytime you like! I hope your weekend is a good one so far!
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