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  1. LOL Also, I was able to open my friends' Mother's Day gifts, but I also got save failed, hehe.
  2. Yes I have noticed that, I didn't feel like needing to bump a thread here yet, so I get your point.
  3. So it's not allowed to bump a thread? I am enjoying it, I like the Cafe and Agony Aunt forums.
  4. So here's the thing, Whenever I want to say something to my friends, or recite something in class, I feel scared and the words get caught in my throat. For example, when I have something to study and recite at class, I spend a lot of time studying, when I come to class, my mouth gets locked up, and I start repeating every word and everything gets scrambled up, then I end up with a bad note. Another example is, when I have something to say to one of my friends, I just don't know what to say. I'm really good at inventing what to say in my mind, but when I want to say it I just can't. Any help on how to overcome my fear will be really appreciated, thank you!
  5. I always feel embarrassed when I ask my parents for money.
  6. I hope your mom feels better soon! Smoking is really dangerous, and once you start you can't stop. So be careful, instead of regretting later.
  7. Jay.P


    I got an application on my iPhone called asleep, whenever I face sleeping problems it's the only cure.
  8. Yes, really bored of Pet Society now. Used to do my visits and play sometimes with Snowy, but now I only log in to feed my petlings, send random gifts, clean-feed Snowy, that's it.
  9. I haven't watched the video yet, but I really like the song.
  10. Thanks! Does spamming include "thank you" and "bumping" ?
  11. None, all of them look weird on Snowy.
  12. I will check it now, thanks!
  13. Thank you everyone! This forum seems nice I have read the rules, explored the forum and understood everything. Just 1 question, what are paw pounds and what are they used for?
  14. Thank you! Also thank you Lazar ,I have accepted your f/r .and Ursula.
  15. Hi everyone, I am new and I hope I make new friends here. I got sick of the official forum, so I am hoping this one would be better. Nice to meet you!
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