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  1. I bought the 3 wings at the same time and i think the wings grew at same time too even the 2 other wings were not equip...... just not sure i really don't know the difference of the full growth look of the wings......
  2. 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a, 6a, 7a, 9a, 10a, 11a, 12a all A.... i think....
  3. WOW what a tough situation you have.... i think most of the advise they give to you are correct and helpful to your situation
  4. WOW what a tough situation you have.... but i think most of the advise they give to you are correct and helpful to your situation
  5. i think we're almost the same experiencing being alone most of the time but i think being alone is not a bad reputation because i am alone always because most of my blockmates/ classmates don't have moral attitudes most of them say vulgar words, smoke, drink alcoholic drinks( i think all of the vices) I'm very lucky that i have dorm mates that really make me happy and always there when I'am alone
  6. This wednesday was the most tiring day i ever had this college teaching 34 grade schoolers a sports was very exhausting draining all my energy
  7. I have deleted some of your posts as you are spamming threads by simply posting smilies in order to get your posts up, spamming is against the rules. If you continue to do so you could recieve an official warning. Gaia - Admin
  8. wicky123


    consult a doctor.....
  9. wicky123


    consult a doctor....
  10. just be careful and keep an eye on Luna for her safety
  11. OHH YES another plusihie will be added to my collection 8)
  12. I have a Question if my butterfly wings grow fully will i fly??
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