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Everything posted by cham2020

  1. hey prem just notice some bmw's at the back can bring during gathering?
  2. wait a min this car reminds me of tokyo drift !
  3. lol.......this friday come gathering i bring LOL
  4. now u need decals to complete this beauty ! ralliart will be mean
  5. cham2020


    haha nice one dano it's mine right
  6. Didn't keep his promise to collect the Ken Block Ford Focus Diecast. He promised me two weeks ago he will come to the gathering and collect it from me. OK, that is fine with me. The next thing, he never appeared and gave the busy reason. And a while ago i contacted him, he said I don't want. No money already. Sorry. I am frustated because you promised to come and collect but no news given till now and I need to contact you back. I am disappointed with you, when I told you I want your stuff, I bought it when you came to the gathering and now you FFK me. It's a dispute anyway for other traders to be beware of you.
  7. thanks uncle chia now mau beli oversea banyak takut
  8. apa susah dapat super kasi kao tim dalam confirm boleh dapat punya now $$ talk
  9. this year what i found hmm...... 1) fire eater super 2) classic pakard super x 2 3) gangste grin super 4) chevrolator super 5) impala 55 super
  10. if wan scaling i think like this better number of thunt $: type of place hunt 4 : 7E (more than 100 times) 3 : giant (more than 100 times) 1 : toymaster (visited more than 10 times) 2 :bintang (visited twice)
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