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  1. sorry guys i been busy. i will stop taking custom orders for 2 weeks to finish off pending orders. to those who ordered from me, i will complete your cars in 2 weeks. sorry for the inconvenience caused by evolution miniatures.
  2. Not sure... If the licensing allow that is. Anyway there will be a car with my name on it. Look for it... LOL wow!! Sound great! Hope the car with ur name will be in the "t-hunts" series!! on BLIMP?
  3. bawak esok i might have a mood swing to buy
  4. A collaboration between me and xeifu. He change the wheels and I do the painting..
  5. The Evo X Police Evo X Speed Machine with gold 10sp and chrome base Chase
  6. btw: siapa ada broucher ispira saya mau !
  7. i driving persona manual for 8 months now. no issues with that car. just 2nd gear abit hard to engage and left front door need bit more force to shut it..... others than that suprisingly the FC is good better than my kenari
  8. A request from a fellow collector who is a civic maniac...
  9. Just a simple custom from me..... The Fiesta that Ken Block uses. Original Hotwheels Casting My version based on Ken Block livery. At least 70% similarity..
  10. please tell mr asada that this s2000 is awesome...can we expect more japanese tuners next year ?
  11. that one photoshop photo it was taken from prototype x ( evo x prototype ) see the head lamps and fog lights
  12. ish korang ini mandai jer aku beli lah...four for RM 2.90 only the rest of the cars goes here
  13. jhc, don't regret about it
  14. because that's the car that atom want mah tak nak kayo.. nak jadi kaya pau
  15. not all cars will fit though. like 2001 civic si and cars with huge wing cannot enter........
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