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  1. Requested by a forumer here... I taking pre-orders also
  2. wow the alfa is lovely atom ! wildspriti, mari kita suruh advedder ambik gambar old school police!
  3. just normal normal custom because the helang tempo really suits alot of cars so alot of customers request for it soon will be a lot of muscle car helang
  4. yeah bro.. less than 8 hours after you told me your story.. ehehe.. bad karma... ekekkee lol..karma.. so kebetulan... my friend wira also kena ... 3 in a row ? ada sabotage by kedai tayar kah?
  5. haha tak mo but good luck on the sales the R34's are lovely
  6. eh mushroom you also kena ?
  7. two days ago my right rear tire side wall cracked at kesas. upon research its said goodyear nct5 tires are prone to side wall breakdown. damn it ! luckily i was tired and driving slow...
  8. what i'm afraid ppl are already seen too much of variants custom helang.....hahaha any idea on the blimp helang? we put our faces there wearing PDRM uniform good idea?
  9. hmm...what will be next ? how about we both do blimp helang?
  10. 10SP from Evo X Fe cannot fit.. Wheels are medium size.. Get from the R34 and remove the chrome color spokes.. yahoh R34 also not bad i got extra..keke
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