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  1. cham2020

    Dark Water

    wow the trailer is really amazing !!! advance to another step further
  2. Suprise to see these 2 regular and 1 super.. Left one regular behind Then found these.. Pass them to other collectors already.. Conclusion i only took the gangster grin super
  3. wow full on envy congrats to both of you !
  4. Jaja....... Super This one on the way from an oversea's trade This one complete my Thunt 2010 set
  5. mushroom apa punya logic ni haha matchboxclub yeap it's amazing
  6. so now i left 1)olds 5.5 2)baja beetle 3)shelby daytona to complete my 2010 carded international regular
  7. got these at 7E near Klang...
  8. aku pun ada seketul jer cuma kasi taruk racun keke
  9. Thats alot of evo, congrat u forget the hatchback la
  10. crazy haul but doesn't impress me at all LOL.. JK JK enyo enyo you are the master !
  11. demand more front shots esp the bonnet wheels are frm welly
  12. Wheels provided by Rayz-HWC. casting by him.
  13. Simple custom MINES R34 Tein 370z
  14. not yet, wait i balik KL i process TC thanks bro !
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