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Everything posted by cham2020

  1. nice, i seen it.. but i thought its already long time done.. the twin one.... i did two of them
  2. thanks sinclair, yeap shakz, it's urs
  3. Highly gloss sapphire black Evo x with Ralliart liveries and Co-Mold.
  4. got ppl request to do already just takde masa mau buat...... if do 3 also u in waiting list khahaha
  5. wah i like the blitz seems more perfect than mine for decal placement congrats bro !
  6. happy birthday bro.hopefully everything you do will be smooth sailing.. tahniah kerana menjadi pengasas helang
  7. weh if u playing this game can u compile the cars photo for me ? cops one
  8. Did for a forumer here. Hope you like it
  9. thanks ruinye if you got problem with it let me know i will send the replacement for you
  10. sure thing darthvader i will let you know when i have extra unit ~
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