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Everything posted by cham2020

  1. cham2020

    ZT's Wishlist

    zack ko loose i got come this sunday lah amcorp
  2. aiyoyo bro tinggal dekat tak perasan ke hehe ~
  3. yeap it's actually four tone beggining from red fading to orange to yellow and lastly white at the roof
  4. wow awesome ! better than mine
  5. Did it out for fun to release my work stress....
  6. nice attempt ! one advice try to shrink the CF texture a bit it will be more realistic
  7. nice green gtx can i have one
  8. lord of madness strikes again!!! great stuffs from enyo all my stuff right?
  9. this car i going to do damn alot variations man!
  10. biar proton stended, jangan proton ahbeng tak payah tambah benda mengarut kat kereta yang boleh melembabkan, makan minyak.contoh rim besar giler, gt wing, bodykit tak betul, exhaust ah beng
  11. thanks guys for all the response i am getting more orders for helang variants 1) 510 2) deloeran 3) gallardo 4) impreza wrx sti will process soon........the helang fever is hotter than i thought !
  12. holy moly !!!! damn it this is a must for me! 10 pieces minimum
  13. cham2020

    just got roaked...

    adui tak payah lah post ini eight eight
  14. kena lagi aku seperti menatang UCB punya cinta
  15. okay now i know u have a steady hand fabio !
  16. oh my! i am interested because you can print white ! i can't do it with my printer
  17. simply gorgeous alps printer to print the decals? or after markets?
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