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  1. thanks advedder 10 sp from evo x FE one? good idea also...... the decals are cool..thanks to one of the forummer here who helped me with it !
  2. oh no !mushroom aku nak buat secret project tu dulu hehe pending dulu okay? keke~
  3. thanks guys glad you all like it py, no spoiler. but if i do the gallardo, i will put the spoiler
  4. Mana ada gaduh? unlike you and... *runs!* what i mean is proton is kinda a sensitive issue. look at paultan there.baca also can pengsan too many diferent POV~ too many
  5. cham2020

    3/11/2010 POS

    this one super is mine haha
  6. oklar jangan gaduh kalau pasal proton ini memang banyak isu.hehe collect hotwheels sudah
  7. The original car is a Gallardo. I got a request from a fellow collector to customize a Reventon that uses the Blancpain livery and which I find it awesome! Color is pearl silver and the decals are sourced by a friend and modified by me to fit the Reventon. Wheels are from Speed Machine Gallardo. Hope you like it my friend! And to my customers who ordered Helang's, I promise they will be delivered in 2 weeks time as I am taking break from it by doing this
  8. aku suka la ni ....dulu2 banyak kebenarannya skrang dah kureng sket kot tapi 1/1 scale la. Kalau 1/64 scale custom ko ckp mcm ni ......hahaaaaaaaa sendiri mau ingat, nanti jadi kat diri sendiri hahaaa wa tak tau ooo baru perasan reply ni ~
  9. You are so rite!!! Clever Chamy... KOKO give you
  10. love the metal polishing effect autosol i presume?
  11. kepada hassan seperti meraba hotrod yang menjadi hotstick
  12. maybe i should tell hokuan don't use the greenlight and use this instead
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