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Everything posted by cham2020

  1. lol offer u custom cars for the evo x can ?XD
  2. Both Danielh and Wildspirit were featured ! (congrats !) http://www.kosmo.com.my/kosmo/content.asp?y=2011&dt=0219&pub=Kosmo&sec=Rencana_Utama&pg=ru_01.htm
  3. abang ckh, i know where those come from
  4. we customizers appreciate each other works
  5. a graet mustang from daniel now waiting for daniel to raok me
  6. sure thing dude anything just refer to us we love to see new customizers naik
  7. dude for a first timer, i can say this is very very impressive don't forget collect ur stuffs this sunday~
  8. hehe just lucky got it frm a collector here
  9. lol sure alot ppl dying for that subaru
  10. i think i have one....see you this friday bro
  11. cham2020

    Today Haul

    eh scalping is beli and jual mahal mahal....... this one is tapau... which i always do ops ~
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