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  1. Thnx! Like it here ye more choices here actually long time spent in the toys aisle..
  2. Yeker ? Not so sure unless its error or sumthing..
  3. So... sent already? Just saw this topic.. but anyway hes doing good in pakistan with internet and email!
  4. I want this casting long time ago waiting for nice tempo on it, and finally waited till today... Cap Helang White line with gold rims Military rods also nice but again limited choices always shelf is messy and nothing left sigh... Thnx
  5. thnx everybady i was late sapu all by the time i arrive didnt know there was such promo.. yeah the GSX somehow more attractive compared to last yrs one.. ...from BIG W you got some too?
  6. nice haul furai so close yet so far congrats..
  7. Record 7 in one haul, buy 5 for $5 promo... but late so all normal cars..
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