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  1. haha, u should negotiate with the shopkeeper to let it to you for free... good keeping 1!
  2. new color... 1 nice pair now...
  3. to me, he's a diecast 'tai koh' (big brother) in our country! thx bro for the passion u have in this hobby!
  4. I was browsing thru evilbay as usual and found out that now Matchbox too does have walmart exclusive. I was just reading thru the listing description; and this 64 blue mini cooper seller claimed that it's walmart exclusive only. Is this the first year Matchbox has walmart exclusive? I went to mbox comm site and another 2 cars (GMC truck & Monaco Police) also listed as walmart exclusive (under 2010 catalog)... not too sure; can any1 comment on this?
  5. cooper


    thx for ur interest... PM sent!
  6. just FYI... and may be this thread should be moved to Other Hobbies?
  7. what do u have to bring this time around?
  8. renji is busy with work (as usual), may be!
  9. great cars pix from mushroom after RAYA! with 1 more TH to go (am sure u will get it soon)...
  10. Is it a Ford ? Checker is a brand by itself... checkout some relevant links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checker_Taxi http://allcarnews.wordpress.com/2009/01/20/historic-checker-motors-to-face-bankruptcy/
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