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  1. @demonicle: Wow, you really did it by the book, CCTV to back you up too! Exercising your consumers rights! Bro you and that manager set a fine example about what and how situation like this to be dealt. @hokuan: That's why I was surprised at first, I'm pretty sure it's the same staff for the last few weeks. It used to be a friendly and pleasant shopping place. Perhaps he recently just turned bad and started acting dodgy. It's not the matter of what they have there, "greens" or otherwise, but asking for money straight in my face, as if it's a obligatory customs we hunters must abide and a God given right for them, hell no.
  2. @kuku: Yeah I think may visit it again tomorrow, possibly ask for the manager and report as well. I think this bribing person(s) is paying on per car basis like RM X for reg and RM Y for $, got car call this number then i come pick up etc. So he/she/it/they can maximize results per 'collecting' trip.
  3. Sweeet~ Kia, Koreans are fast adopting and improving. I wouldn't feel embarrassed owning/driving one of that! This could be a brand/image-changing product. Are you listening/watching Proton?
  4. Many of our beloved members have stories of such, so here's mine: 12th APR '09 midnight. Went out for supper with a mate, had a quick stop@Jalan Rahang's 7E for a routine haul. Browsed through displayed HWs and MBs, asked attending staff about stocks not in displayed. This chap here, asked whether I'm looking for "hunt", said he MAY had saw some at the back, willing to bring'em out. Out of joy, I said yes please. THEN, he asked how much I'm willing to pay him, like RM X per car. I said no, just please bring'em out I'll choose what I want. OK this is the interesting part: Since I refused to bribe him, with a unwilling and sour face he dragged his skinny ass to the back store room, closed the doom, closely I stand next to the door listening: the noise of one putting up an aluminium ladder up storage shelves, box down on floor, ransacking noise through the cars (hunters are all-too-familiar with this sound). It took him blardy 12-15 minutes to come out and said nadda (hahahayeahrite, that's my nic yo). Straight walked back to the counter and lean against the cigarettes shelves, with a face as if someone did something wrong (remember how kids trying to hide some wrong-doings like broke the vase? Yeah that kinda face). Again I gentlemanly asked for the aforementioned box so I can choose what I want. As predicted, with an even more sour face he headed back to the store room and brought out the box. As predicted again, no cars I'm even vaguely interested, and wow, even some '05 and '06 cars around. Ok in the end I didn't buy a single car from that chap, as I'm still pissed about such open act of b*st*rdness. Oh, he did mentioned someone drove a Pajero-like car hunt there before, right after I left the other hunt day. I hope that hunter is not the person who tried to bribe this staff before, hence his attitude change towards non-bribing hunter like me. This 7E has never been hostile to me before. Hope I'm wrong. So Seremban hunters, you had been warned.
  5. wahhh... i want '09 th bb..... what kinda lunch u had py? sure's appetizing.... i wish my lunch time are this fulfilling... heehe nice haul
  6. Wow! Excellent haul man! Super error, literally.
  7. Good protective storage idea for loosed cars. Good detailed map too! Thanks for sharing Btw, bagged cars look like those bagged evidence from CSIs, minus the blood, hahaha. run for cover~
  8. Nice real car snap shots! Btw off-topic a little, what's that car behind the blue Lancer. The one with round head lamps. Looks tasy!
  9. I have this in VCD, hard to find the DVD. I'm not a petrol head and not a gear head. But i want to know how far did Steeve Mcqueen go. How many times have you seen the movie? It SUCKS!!! It has no acting whatsoever and its more like a documentary of sorts. Probably Steve's worst part of his career. But! no one can be called an automotive freak if they did not read his biography at least. Then you will know how he likes his cars. Till then don't call people posers just because you think you know Steve McQueen. There are many more motoring legends and events to learn up. If you want somewhere to start, subscribe to Top Gear. They recollect at least one racer every month with stories that would make you do a double think on how much you know about cars. First off, I must apologize for my ignorance and brashness, unfairly generalizing many people in a whole and may offended oven more along the way. Yes, the acting in the movie was weak (it's '71). It's more suited for those enjoy track racing, and crashes, and Gulf-colored car. And Porsches. I personally don't know Steve McQueen, and cartainly not a biography digger. But in the movie (shame I got it off the net, after reading/watching WAY TOO MUCH TG-related media), I think he is a real man. Ass, Car, Road. Good ol' days, genuine drivers, old school race cars, exhaust roars, overtakings on the track, oh the fantasy of my youth. I'm sorry as many may absolutely hate old movies like this, of course there many more 'legends' out there for me to learn. I got so carried away typing movies suggestions, and due to too many unpleasant experiences/encounters with notorious "ah bengs" and "ricers" on the road every now and then (anyone experienced it before? or it's just me?), I wish they could vent their energies onto the track, but then, I maybe stereotyping again. Then again, I enjoy street-racing movies, how ironic and conflicting javascript:emoticonp('') No, I can't afford to subscribe TG UK (you know, those original and good ones), but I can afford and still keep TG Malaysia since issue #1 , and some others automobile publications, catalogues and price lists since 1993 if i can still diggem' out. Oh btw, i'm still not a petrolhead, you know, by TG standard, the publication you recommended: I never had an Alfa Romeo, but I named my cat MiTo Again I humbly ask for forgiveness from those offended and promise not to be like a "cock" (learned this famous term from TG's Jezza, Hamster and Slow, and I don't mean Audi drivers, sorry) Btw, which one you think better: TG Russia or TG Australia?
  10. It is fugly in most angles, but then it is really special. So it's especially fugly then
  11. Compare the 1st and the 4th, the latest CG'ed tunnel scene really weak. But the actors are much less cheesy than before, have a little more depth in the characters. I think the latest installment is what FnF always should be: Macho muscular heroes kicking doors, beating the s**t outa weaklings, smokin' hot Latinos, catchy Spanish tunes, even hotter American Muscle Cars roaring the streets wrecking havoc. The End. Check out the size of that BDS blower. And that Chevelle's wheelie, woohoo!!! SanLino is right about those rides got blown/crashed, oh that fine Chevelle For muscle car fans, this is a must see: “Muscle beats import every time!” Run for cover....
  12. (1) Vanishing Point (Mopar/Challenger guys MUST see this, Google it) (2) Bullit (Stang fans' Mecca movie) (3) Smokey and the Bandits (Pontiac guys knows what i'm talking about, yeehaa') (4) Dukes of Hazard (TV-series, if ur kinda confused with ur sexual orientation, and a 60s Dodge Charger fan, u'll love!) (5) Le Mans (1971, YOU ARE NOT a male petrolhead/gearhead if u don't watch/like this one,POSERS!) There's no school like old school.
  13. So many DDs~~~ U got the DD OD~~~ Nice MBXs too... izzit me or optical illusion, the MBXs there seems higher quality?
  14. nice and interesting collection u got there. however, forgive of saying this: it looks sadly like a HW junk yard, not that the cars are scrap or anything. don't get mad k? hahaha
  15. good haul and nice trade, keep'em coming yo!
  16. wow... nice garage there! love that $ man i gotta make myself one of those displays... if only i could find the time... keep us updated of ur bengkel ya
  17. Buy what you like, that's all i have to say. Beware of possible hypes and avoid impulse buys (an expensive and regretful habit I'm suffering) For me, realistic and authentic looking big-engine 60s/70s muscle cars, trucks and low riders look fantastic even in display. They NEVER go out of style and will ALWAYS be cool. You like Ferraris too? There are MANY Ferraristis here, ask around, they'll be happy to guide you along
  18. Hurrah! paskal lost his TH virginity on a Hot Bird! big boy liao lor~~ Congrats bro, good haul.
  19. hey hey... jangan marah ya? but seriously, i can't imagine all the hardwork u put in to get these results. congrats again hahaha
  20. [b]Breaking News (4th Apr 2009) "Recent studies show that prolonged, excessive possessions of Hot Wheels Super T-Hunts will lead to long term, irreversible impotency. The only remedy to this, frankly, intolerable infection is to send aforementioned T-Hunts away to nice Seremban people." HW Daily, Seremban.[/b] Quick py, before anything going "down south", literally, I voluntary & humbly accept any of your excessive T-Hunts. For the love of All-The-Holy-Names, and the happiness of your partners. Hurry up before it's too late!
  21. U fr*gg*n b*st*rd! SOOOooo many $$$$$!!! Thought i juz threw up,fainted, slipped on my own vomit and knock my head on the ground already~~ Cuz your pictures give me visual super greenies overdose! Excellent haul! Respect people, respect.
  22. Wow! I want that Camaro~~~~~ Congrats kuku
  23. @undercoverbrother: omg i think i'm gonna faint
  24. @MarieJuliette: Thanks. Men impulse buying all the time, especially when it comes to toys I bet many of us here do that from time to time, anyone wanna back me up?
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