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  1. We meet up in a different place now. Nearer to McD but bigger space. check this out
  2. Yup, been awhile I posted. I know I'm the guilty one. But here's my March haulages. PoP Culture Some DDs Boulevard Astro Van Star Trek
  3. Good hauls! Heard Spore got new Hot Box in with Mystery car. Show us the monie!
  4. The Cult Classics Collection from Hot Wheels Elite features the most iconic vehicles from the world of entertainment! From a car that that travels through time, to one that catches criminals, to one that goes after ghosts, these are the top action vehicles from hit movies and TV shows. The Back To The Future Time Machine 1:43 scale The Ecto-1A for the 1984 Ghostbusters film 1:18 scale The K.I.T.T "Knight Industries Two Thousand" in 1:18 scale
  5. Ferrari 458 Challenge (Drift Race) Sting Rod II (Exterminators - Street Pests) '07 Chevy Tahoe (Rescue) Porsche 911 GT3 RS (Asphalt Assault)
  6. Saw new ones too but only took what I wanted...
  7. Almost certain that most younger people will go for the cars while the other half will go the looks. New in coming PoP Cultures seems pretty attractive with the colors of retro. All pictures from t-hunted
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