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  1. Hey guys! I'm selling some of my stuff here not strictly to scale models.. I really need to let these stuff go as soon as possible because I am in serious need of cash. And I really mean serious. NewRay 1:64 Audi R10 LMP Le Mans 2006 - Still in a very good condition, asking for RM15. High Speed 1:43 Warsteiner BMW 320i STW - In a good condition, asking for RM20. Shell 1:38 Ferrari F2008 - In a good condition, asking for RM10. Maisto 1:18 Honda RCV 211 2004 Rider Colin Edwards - Very good condition, asking for RM15. Gran Turismo 5 Apex Guide Book - I never read this book, in an excellent condition and still has the new book scent, if you know what I mean. Selling for RM25 as this book is really difficult to find. Only comes with GT5 Collector's Edition! Thanks for helping me. More stuff to come so stay tuned!
  2. I have been away from collecting for nearly 4 months already. The price is just too much for me at the moment. Doesn't mean I'll stop though, just my current financial situation is not suiting... Hopefully Mattel can do something about this. I can honestly see more people stop collecting if they hike the price even more.
  3. Whow, that a big thread bump...
  4. Thanks mate! Yeah, been re-arranging so that now it's more organised and pleasing to the eyes. Well, after 2 years I can see damage to the wall. But who cares eh? Thanks by the way Thanks mate! Aaah, glad I have a warm welcome back to the forum Haha, as always. Until I get a job, I can go even more GANAZ! Thanks mate! Watched that movie anyway Haha, I will try mate. I will definitely try Once again, thanks everyone
  5. Actually, there's more. Type in 'Google gravity', '2+2', 'Do a barrelroll' are among the tricks that Google search have... Awesome stuff
  6. Awesome haul mate! Waiting for my next ''Super'' haul
  7. So, I think it's time that I'll show my collection so far since I got back into collecting these cars in September 2009. It's growing at a very encouraging rate and it's out of my expectation that after 2 and a bit years I have all these stuff! First, I'll start with the cars on my wall: Next, is the cars on this small shelf. On it, I have a collection of James Bond cars, Opel Vectra OPC, BMW 640i C and a Dodge Magnum Hemi. On this, I don't know what to call this. A rack? This is a place where I put my ''Best of the best'' cars. There are more here. A closer look on the Minichamps BMW F1.08 Launch Spec. A closer look at my very recent BMW M5 custom. Used to be a coffee table, but now using it to display this Shell Ferrari Garage. My loose cars. Actually, there's more loose cars in this box which I don't even bother to open it anymore. Supposed to put it in the store but I'm lazy enough to do it at the moment. So, that's my collection. I know I lack a lot of 1:18 scale cars because they're expensive but they'll come for sure! Thanks to all sifus and fellow HWCM member, you guys rock!
  8. This is very well done! Eventhough I thought the vault should've been a little more bigger, but overall the details are absolutely top notch! Like one suggest, adding a bridge and some police car would make it awesome!
  9. Sweet Charger! Once, I was white SLR McLaren. Regret didn't buy it. Also earlier this year at Metrojaya, saw that Polizei 5 Series. Again, I regret didn't buy it. They're just too expensive. Maan...
  10. Yeah, I think it was opened before because you can obviously see the staples.. Thing is, where the hell did this fella 'kebas' that green car?
  11. Yeaah.. Listen to that. A comeback baby Aston Martin One-77 BMW M3 GT2 (Porsche Panamera and Holden VE UTE SSV) Sorry that I have to include those 2 Matchboxes. Made a mistake by snapping a picture of all of them... Something interesting I found at Carrefour Alamanda about a week ago. I mean, never thought a Scirocco could hide itself into this. Owkey, so... As usual, the collection will grow more
  12. But, but.. With those packaging and theme and... It will never be the same
  13. Aventador and BOSS on my list... Hopefully I can find them. And Ken Block's.
  14. As a fan of Nokia, that sounds like a good collectors item... Sadly, it will all be sold out before we even get to know where to get it.
  15. Awesome haul mate! I'm still in serious look for that M3 GT2 and Ford Falcon Racer. Those are must have!
  16. It has already been overpriced back in 2009 when I started to collect it unlike some years ago when it was only RM5 each car... From RM5.90 to RM6.90 and now what, RM7.50? It is seriously overpriced so that's why I'm limiting to a couple of cars each month - which also means that I will fail to reach the target to acquire all the wanted cars. There's nothing much we can do though. EDIT: Apparently, not only Malaysia that is suffering from this issue. Slovenia, US, UK and many other places are having the exact same issue. These small cars are getting more and more overpriced while we're earning less and less...
  17. Haha, I didn't expect this. Thank you very much guys! I'm rarely in here because the SPM examination is just around the corner. So I have decided to cut out my internet activity but don't worry, I still purchase some cars to continue the growth of my collections... I think it's not too late for me to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya, maaf batin only because I've never done anything in a part of zahir. Happy Merdeka too!
  18. Impressive details! What company is it?
  19. SIKU is indeed very nice and expensive. I have some friends in Europe who collects Siku and they say SIKU cars are excellent in quality. So far I've seen some at Metrojaya The Curve when they have this sale but a week later, they're all gone... I'm still wondering where can I get these cars from.
  20. After a month long of no purchase, today is the day... Infiniti G37 Coupe
  21. As I've already said: And yes you are correct, we cannot blame the westerners because that's how their attitude and it may not be changed. But the problem here is why must WE follow them? So basically the mistake is just some of us who are influenced by them... Meanwhile, here's something about my school toilet to rant about. The toilets are functional, it has everything that we need but not this. It has no door locks. Everytime the school fixed it, there must be this 'makhluk' that destroys it. Everytime... So now we're pretty much using a toilet without a door lock. That is seriously stupid considering that I'm pretty sure all of the students in my school are civilised, tought by parents not to destroy stuff yet they destroy it all. They may be doing it for the sake of their fun but they're giving hard times for us. Perhaps one day God will repay back what they've done to almost all students in my school... Has anybody experience the same thing?
  22. Thanks mate. The problem is already inside them, it's their attitude... On the essay, you could easily add 'Pengaruh barat' because before most students and kids were influenced by video games like GTA and movies that is based on violent and sexuality made by the westerners, I don't think we had these problem before. Perhaps it could get along with 'Mass media' but this is more specific to the ideology of the westerners ruining the eastern ideology. When we add all of them up, only then we could call it a trend. It's like a chain reaction. At first, we have 2 or 3 students infected and because of 'Peer pressure', more students will follow. Then it will be passed down to their younger brother and sisters and so on. 'Religion education' can also be a point but since you already have 'Pendidikan moral' then I think it's about the same for Muslims and non-Muslims. You can see how strong the westerners are that we are now influenced by their ideology, mentality and tradition. It's just us to determine whether we want to follow them or not. If you look closely nowadays, most Malaysian are keen towards Korean for whatever the reason is. Almost 60% of students in my school are following Korean. And that opens up to another rant for me tonight! What is so special with Koreans?
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